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After the events at the Palace Entrance, the plans have changed. Instead of trying to win back Velder from the incoming Demon opposition, a retreat was set in order. When taking the route through Hope Bridge the bridge itself was consumed in fire caused by the Kenaz and their creator Crazy Puppet. Known for its tricky landscape.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Arc Glitter Guard - The same as the Glitter Spearman from Feita, except that it has a horn, has grey skin, wears shiny golden armour and wields a flashier spear. Its attacks are also faster and stronger. It can now ride on the Velder Cockatrigle.

Arc Glitter Protector - The same as the Glitter Shielder from Feita, except that it has a horn, has grey skin, wears shiny golden armour and wields a flashier shield. It also attacks more frequently.

Arc Glitter Sniper - The same as the Glitter Archer from Feita, except that it has a horn, has grey skin, wears shiny golden armour and wields a flashier bow. It also attacks ALOT more frequently and much faster than usual.

Arc Glitter Panzer - A shield for a face, a shield in hand and a mace in the other, this monster is slow but highly defensive. Although not as fast at shielding itself as the Arc Glitter Protector it is heavy preventing it from being comboed a lot.

Arc Glitter Alchemist - A Glitter who wears red robes and a cap. Can throw a variety of chemicals that cause poison, burning, constant mana drop, unable to move ailments respectively. Can also utilize a combustion move that does substantial damage (gunpowerder-like dust followed by explosion).

Cockatrigle - A big, yellow chicken-like animal that utilises quick pecking moves and super-armoured laser attacks which can cause a very slight burning ailment.

Siege Tower - A tower like wooden structure that consists of a Arc Glitter Sniper and a Glitter Rock Thrower. When destroyed, it can flatten you if it falls on you.

Glitter Rock Thrower - A Glitter who throws rocks down from high places. (immobile)

Kenaz - These fairies utilise fire based magic attacks that can burn you. When killed, it will self-destruct as a last resort to injure you.

Wyvern - A yellow wyvern with brown spots over its body. Similar to in attacks to its Feita Counterparts, but releases mini-meteors from its mouth instead of high-frequency waves. It is inadvisable to stand in front of a wyvern when he vomits meteors as it can juggle you, dealing very substantial damage.

Mini Boss:

Invincible Vardon - One of the Elrios' best. Boasts great defense and weight.It has the same attacks as the Arc Glitter Panzer, but when it falls from jumps it can cause earthquake effects.
-Panzer Swing: Vardon will swing his flail much like an Arc Glitter Panzer.
-Fatal Fury: Vardon is capable of using Fatal Fury, and gives you a body slam.

-Its guard is lowered as it both prepares and uses Fatal Fury.


Demoniac Cannon - You can flip the direction of the cannon by hitting it a few times or destroying it. Can be quite annoying at times.

Faraway Archers - These archers fire up to 3 arrows per archer from a distance at you. These archers cannot be killed normally. However can be killed with skills such as Guided Arrow and Shooting Star.

Barricades - These barricades merely block you way.


Crazy Puppet - A pyromaniac puppet who apparently destroyed part of the Bridge of Hope.
-Puppet Throw: Throws 3 puppets that explode in a matter of seconds. Being hit with a puppet as it's thrown will result in it exploding immediately dealing many times more damage than if it had just exploded on it's own.
-Fiery Whack: Clubs you with a burning stick in a variety of unorthodox movements.
-Ignite: The Crazy Puppet can set aflame any portion of the map for a period of time.
-Puppet Soul Transfer: The Crazy Puppet laughs in a sinister manner as a red orb pops out from its hat and then falls lifelessly to the ground. At this moment, the Crazy Puppet is intangible and numerous Puppet Stones are summoned. The player must find the 'odd puppet out' (that wears a red hat, a red scarf, and has a third 'horn') and destroy it within 15 seconds, eliminating the remaining puppets and taking a chunk out of the Crazy Puppet's health (the more remaining puppets, the more HP is taken out). If the player fails to do so, the Crazy Puppet will laugh maniacally, going into overdrive - having super armor and enhanced speed for 30 seconds. The remaining puppets on the field then explode.

Puppet Stone (Fake) - When using Puppet Soul Transfer Crazy Puppet will summon many Puppet Stones who are only meant to be distractions.

Puppet Stone (Real) - When using Puppet Soul Transfer Crazy Puppet will summon a single puppet who's appearance is distinctly different than the others, destroy this puppet to do extra damage to Crazy Puppet and prevent him from going into overdrive.

Strategy: -Small range power moves, especially those that are low cost, such as Mega Electon Ball will make tackling the soul puppet easier. Wide range skills like Bloody Accel, Hypersonic Stab, and Valkyrie's Javelin can effectively take care of the numerous amounts of puppets in times of desperation.

- The Puppet Stones summoned/spawned during Puppet Soul Transfer are highly immune to knockback, and have too much hp to kill quickly without using skills, so make sure you have the mp to use a skill strong enough to wipe your target(s) out.
- The Puppet Stones summoned/spawned during Puppet Soul Transfer like to jump VERY frequently, so make sure you time it right so your Special Active freezes them where it will hit.
- Sometimes, as the Crazy Puppet uses Puppet Soul Transfer, it will instantly recoil in pain, losing hp, as though you killed the odd puppet. It will return to its normal state as usual, but the puppets spawned will remain.
- The Puppet Stones spawned have no attacks, and will only move around a lot.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Baradon Flail
Baradon Flail
Invincible Vardon

Lv50 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +3293

Magical Attack +3293

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%