Area di Pattugliamento della Tribù dei Kalluso

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Area di Pattugliamento della Tribù dei Kalluso
Caluso Territory.png
Level Range:


Aggressive Mobs: Reactive Mobs:
  • Strong Buggy Trock.jpg

Strong Buggy Trock

  • Strong Vegar Trock.jpg

Strong Vegar Trock

  • Strong Rocky Trock.jpg

Strong Rocky Trock

  • Strong Oba Trock.jpg

Strong Oba Trock

  • Caluso Wind Shaman.jpg

Caluso Wind Shaman

  • Caluso Fighter.jpg

Caluso Fighter

  • Caluso Warrior.jpg

Caluso Warrior

  • Caluso Assassin.jpg

Caluso Assassin

  • none
Field Boss:

Crazy Dog

  • Cerberus.jpg

Cerberus - This crazy dog swipes with his rock hard paws. He uses his feral instincts to howl and charge at enemies, causing them to run in panic!

Dark Magician

  • Dunno.png



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