Piazza dei Pellegrini

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Piazza dei Pellegrini
Level Range:
Aggressive Mobs: Reactive Mobs:

Mini Jubigee

Lesser Glitter Archer

Lesser Glitter Dasher

Lesser Glitter Defender

Lesser Glitter Necromancer

  • none
Field Boss:

Corrupt Glitter

Bater - Bater is one tough Glitter gone wrong. He hardly knows any better than to walk aimlessly and chomp at enemies.

Gigantic Jubigee



Pilgrim's Site - field_peita001

  • There are two small suspended platforms located on opposite sides of the map which are unreachable under normal means.
    • These platforms have portals which were most likely linked to the two non-functioning portals on the two small platforms in the front layer seen in test servers of the Hunting Fields.