Strada della Pace

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Strada della Pace
Level Range:


Aggressive Mobs: Reactive Mobs:

Mini Uno

Elite Glitter Alchemist

Elite Glitter Assassin

Elite Glitter Pounder

Elite Glitter Spearman

  • none
Field Boss:

Uno and the Girls

Lanos - What Lanos lack in brain size, he makes up for in muscular hands bigger than his head. He fights side by side with Shinee and Moonstar.

Shinee - A dark elf lady who may have a rivalry with Moonstar, but she sets it aside during battle.

Moonstar - If there weren't anyone else to fight, she and Shinee would be shooting arrows at each other!

Dark Soldiers

Glitter Troops: Black

Glitter Troops: Pink

Glitter Troops: Red

Glitter Troops: Yellow

Glitter Troops: Blue


The Peace Road - field_velder002