11-6: Vergessenes Elian-Sanctum

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Vergessenes Elian-Sanctum

Vergessenes Elian-Sanctum. Ein Heiligtum der antiken Elian, an dem sie sich zur Prüfung stellten, um ihre Grenzen zu überwinden. Eine Höhle, einst gefüllt mit ELs Kraft, kam durch den heftigen Kampf im Eldrit-Turm zum Vorschein.
Ein Ort, an dem sich die antiken Elian zur Prüfung stellten, um ihre Grenzen zu überwinden.
Optimales Level
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Grafik Beschreibung Angriffsmuster
Orbis.Partikelstrahl - Ein Henir-Auge mit verstümmelten Tentakeln.
  • Saw: Spin its appendages around itself and travel forwards doing continuous hits to anything in its way. It has super armor while performing this attack.
  • Laser Vision: Charge and fire a single continuous beam out of its eye for several seconds. It will have complete super armor during this.
Orbis.Antimaterie - Ein Henir-Auge, umgeben von seinen Tentakeln.
  • Swipe: Slap nearby players with its tentacles.
  • Void Raising: Cause a ball of dark matter to raise out of the ground underneath a player then the ball explodes dealing damage.
Orbis.Rotor - Ein großes Henir-Auge, geschützt durch eine defensive Schale.
Ist Unverwundbar bis es anfängt sich zu bewegen.
  • Swipe: Slap nearby players with its shell.
  • Rocket: Arrange itself sideways and charge in place with super armor. Once it has fully charged it will launch itself at tremendous speed forwards doing a bit of damage to anything in its way.
  • Gyro Ball: Twirl its appendages while is slowly moves forwards doing continuous hits. It does not have super armor when performing this attack.


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Bild Beschreibung
Wasserströmung - Strömendes Wasser, welches dich die Klippe in den unteren Bereich herunterfallen lässt.


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Bild Beschreibung Angriffsmuster
Chrysalis - Ein gigantisches Henir-Auge im Herzen des Sanctums. Seine Kraft hat ein Portal erschaffen, welches das gesamte Sanctum umgibt.
  • Tentacle Burst: Jab all of its tentacles into the ground and cause them to erupt underneath players several times.
  • Thorns: Face one direction then cause a series of tentacles wrapped as thorn to burst out of the ground towards it.
  • Void Orbs: create void orbs then fire them at the ground surrounding it.
  • Void Thorns: Dive into the void. It and the portal will move on the ground before launching any players on top of it into the sky. Then it shoots giant thorns out of the group to strike the play. Move out of the way of the portal in order to dodge the attack.
  • Absorption Release: Inflict Silence on all players while it gathers energy for a prolonged period of time before releasing a long, continuous, stage wide wave of energy.
    Players must use commands that knock down or launch to stagger the boss 5 times. The amount of commands required is based on party size. The stagger animation must complete before the boss can be knocked down again, so slow effects such as the weapon element Freezing will make this mechanic very difficult to complete successfully.
    Alternatively, players can Mana Break the very first hit and then either continue to Mana Break once they get up or use invincibility frames from skills to survive the attack.
    If a player is hit, they will be locked in place until the attack completes or they die, being unable to charge a Mana Break, and losing 25 MP per hit.
    • The animation locking grants Chung and Add other means of dealing with this move:


  • Der Boss hat permanent Superrüstung.


  • Elsword: Ist dies das Elian-Sanctum?
  • Ain: Elsword, Vorsicht! Ich spüre im Inneren Henir-Energie.


Boss DropsBGM
Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
Verrosteter Elyanod-Waffenwächter
Verrosteter Elyanod-Waffenwächter
Verrosteter Elyanod-Waffenwächter

Zubehör (Waffe):

[Unidentifiziert * ?]

[Unidentifiziert * ?]

Verrostetes Elyanod
2 Stück:

Krit. Treffer +3%

Verheerung +2%

3 Stück:

Attacke +3.5%

Magie-Attacke +3.5%







Alternative Namen
Server Name Translation
South Korea 잊힌 엘리안의 성소 Lost Elrian Sanctuary
Germany Vergessenes Elian-Sanctum Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary
Spain Santuario Olvidado de los Elian Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary
France Sanctuaire des Elians oublié Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary
Italy Santuario di Elian Dimenticato Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary
Poland Zapomniane Sanktuarium Elianów Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary
United Kingdom Lost Elian Sanctuary
Brazil Santuário Esquecido dos Elians Forgotten Elrian Sanctuary