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Hunting Fields

The Hunting Fields is one of the alternative methods to obtain EXP, besides dungeons and PvP. The Hunting Fields allows you to explore areas of Elrios and face enemies.

Field Mobs

Just like dungeons, there will be mobs where you can defeat for EXP, ED, and drops. Many mobs that appear here will have similar appearances and attacks to regular mobs found in Dungeons.

Defeated monsters will respawn within a set amount of time at the same spot that they reside in. If monsters move too far from their respawn area, they will immediately stop fighting you and start running back to their spot. They will be absolutely invincible when this occurs.

Defeating mobs will lower your stamina as well as Equipment durability. When you run out of stamina, you may continue to fight but no EXP, ED, or drops will be given.

There will be two types of mobs: Aggressive and Reactive.

Aggressive Mobs

Aggressive Mobs are monsters that will attack you whenever you are within range of their attacks. Aggressive monsters are identified with a yellow life-bar.

Reactive Mobs

Reactive Mobs are monsters that will attack you only when you attack them first. Unless you attack them first, they will make no attempt to fight you. Reactive monsters are identified with a green life-bar.

Safe Spots

Every field has an area that cannot be reached by monsters. This area can be identified by a wider, farther viewpoint. This is the ideal spot for healing without being attacked by monsters or having to leave the field.

Resting Areas

As the name suggests, the Resting Areas are areas between Towns and Fields where you may rest and recover HP and MP with no monsters to bother you. This is where the NPCs Helen and Glave can be found. In addition, you may also find a Board and Mailbox.

Just like in villages, your combat system is disabled here and skills cannot be used. Feita and Ruben are the only regions that don't have rest areas.

Player Capacity

Every Hunting Field cannot contain several different people at a single given time. Because of this, most Fields are limited to a capacity of 8 players. Once the Field contains 8 people, the next player that enters will be relocated to the same field under a different server.

Field Bosses

Just like dungeons, you can face bosses in the Hunting Fields. Each region, except Ruben, Elder, Altera and Feita, will have a chance of spawning a unique Field Boss or Bosses. Their chances of appearing will increase if more monsters in the area are being killed.

List of Bosses

Epithet Boss Name Image Description Moves (All are performed with Super Armor)
Corrupt Glitter Bater Bater is one tough Glitter gone wrong. He hardly knows any better than to walk aimlessly and chomp at enemies.
  • Bite: Similar to the Glitter Zombies, Bater can attack simply by biting his enemies.
  • Toxic Vomit: Bater can vomit onto his opponents, which will release several Poisonous Clouds that can severely poison you.
Gigantic Jubigee Wamu This giant can be tough to beat. Avoid the exploding seed pocket at all costs.
  • Gland Explosion: After being attacked its poison gland will expand until it decides to explode dealing large damage and inflicting poison.
  • Fatal Release: When it reaches maximum size, Wamu will do a more damaging explosion and revert back to it's normal size.


You will receive rewards from killing Field Bosses. Rewards can only be received if you have contributed at least 8% of the bosses' life. After killing the boss, they will drop a Roasted Mutton to recover 100% HP, a Pineapple to recover 150 MP, a Field Boss Cube, and an Evil Souls Orb. If you contribute the most damage towards the boss when over 4 people fought against the boss, there will receive two Field Boss Cubes instead. Please note that you will not receive anything from killed bosses if you are in a Field area whose level range is 10 levels above or below your current level.

Evil Souls Orb

Rewards can be obtained from Evil Souls Orb by exchanging them to Ariel. Exchanging 3 Evil Souls Orb will let you pick your reward between:

  • 1 EXP Medal (15% for 1 Day)
  • 2 COBO Complete Recovery Potions
  • 3 Vigor Potions
  • 1 El Tree Seed

Exchanging 30 Orbs will give you a chance to earn seals. Unlike exchanging 3 Orbs, these rewards will be randomly selected for you:

  • 1 COBO Phoru Foot Stamp (White)
  • 1 COBO Phoru Foot Stamp (Purple)

Field Boss Cube

Field Boss Cubes can be opened to give a random reward:

Field Boss Raid

Warning: The information in this page is from an old version of Elsword and is no longer available.

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