8-3 : Nid des Trax

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Nid des Trax

Trock's main stronghold Trock's Lair. Dark aura fumes out from the center of this twisted cave...
Trock's Lair. Many Trocks can be seen hiding in these dark caves.
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Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
RashVegarTrock.png Rash Vegar Trock - An evolved version of Vegar Trock that goes into stoic more frequently.
RashObaTrock.png Rash Oba Trock - An evolved version of Oba Trock that goes into stoic more frequently.
RashBuggyTrock.png Rash Buggy Trock - An evolved version of Buggy Trock that goes into stoic more frequently.
RashRockyTrock.png Rash Rocky Trock - An evolved version of Rocky Trock that goes into stoic more frequently.
RashFogtaTrock.png Rash Fogta Trock - An evolved version of Fogta Trock that goes into stoic more frequently.
Rash Iron Trock.jpg Rash Iron Trock - A bigger, stronger version of Rash Rocky Trock that carries a large iron club.
RashCaskey.png Rash Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that has increased defense.
MiniFogta.png Mini Fogta - A Fogta Trock that summons by Burning Fogta.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
TrockCerberus.png Trock Cerberus

-Poison Gas: Trock Cerberus will exhale toxic gas to its targets, inflicting Poison to all targets.
-Charge: Trock Cerberus will dash into his targets while continuously headbutting them.
-You will only fight this boss on Hard and Very Hard, the miniboss is selected at random alternatively fighting Burning Fogta.
-Has a stoic threshold of ?? hits.

BurningFogta.png Burning Fogta - A massive Fogta Trock.

-Mad Dash: Burning Fogta will charge forward while in stoic, smacking anything in his path.
-Mad Tackle: Burning Fogta will charge forward and tackle players.
-Fogta Summon: He will summon multiple Mini Fogta to assist him.
-Self-Destruct!: Unlike other Fogta Trocks, Burning Fogta's explosion is much larger, does more damage, and he can survive after exploding.
-You will only fight this boss on Hard and Very Hard, the miniboss is selected at random alternatively fighting Trock Cerberus.
-When Burning Fogta dies, he will explode and deal damage to anyone standing next to it. }}

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Image Description
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.
CursedWaters.png Cursed Waters - The base of the lair is filled with a purple liquid that will immediate inflict curse on anybody who touches it draining HP and MP.


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Image Description Attaques
Chieftain Trockta.jpg Chieftain Trockta

-Swipe: Trockta smacks you with his shaman assistant and cannot interrupted by any attack.

  • This move can only interrupt after he swing his shaman assistant,or you can interrupt with Elsword's Counter attack or Little Hsien/Sakra Devanam's Breaking

-Life Drain: Trockta shouts and all players(regardless of position) will be inflicted with Helpless. He then starts absorbing HP from one of them. The Helpless debuff lasts for 6 Seconds.

  • This move cannot be interrupted, but it can be shielded against with Wonder Wall.
  • This move can be destroyed, keep hitting him with enough damage.

-Soul Shield: Trockta shields himself and summons Rash Iron Trocks to attack. You cannot damage him until you defeat all of the monsters.

  • Identified HP thresholds is 25.5 , 15.5 & 5.5 Life bars.

-Dark Pulse: Trockta uses his shaman assistant to shoot a swirling shadow head at you. Trockta usually will use this if you are too far to him.
-Bone Trap: Trockta summons a bone-like cage below you that prevents you from moving. Does substantial damage if his shaman assistant touch Bone Trap.

  • This move can easily avoid by double jumping at the right time, if you are high enough in the air the trap will no spawn for you.

-Over 14 million HP on Very Hard.
-Roughly 250\500 resist to all elements. }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Cerberus Fangs
Cerberus Fangs
Trock Cerberus

Lv65 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +4007

Magical Attack +4007

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Add. Damage +1.5%

All weapons attributes +0.5%





By luckykamon

Sakra Devanam Run

Reckless Fist Run

Lord Knight Run

  • At the end of 8-3 epic quests, it was revealed that the Chieftain of the Trocks clan was possessed by an unknown force, explaining why they attack Sander.
  • Trocks are burrowing race that feeds on rocks. Trock's Lair is filled with tunnels, much like an ant colony.
  • Chieftain Trockta claims that the Trocks only speak to strong humans.
  • Trocks originally lived in Parugo mountain before Calluso tribe drove them out.
  • Karis promised the Trocks that she would help them retake Parugo mountain. Karis gave Trockta an amulet as a token of this promise. However, the amulet was actually a demon tool that allowed Karis to control Trockta.