5-4 : Jardin du temple

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Jardin du temple

Surprisingly, there was a Garden at the basement of the tower. Contaminated plants by the demonic race are slowly approaching us.
A secret garden under the chapel. Plants have been contaminated from Dark El.
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Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Glitter Guard - An advanced demonic soldier that uses its spear to attack!
Glitter Pounder - A hammer-wielding demonic soldier that can sometimes get thrown off balance due to the hammer!
Thunder Fly - The Thunder Fly is similar to a Lantern Fly, however, instead, it's much more powerful and can stun you!
Mutated Vine - These mutated vines are infected by demons from the Underground Garden. It waits in hiding for its victims.
Jubigee - The Jubigee is a harmless creature that doesn't attack you. Instead, however, it follows you and waits for you to attack it. But if you do, its yellow gland on top of it will slowly get bigger, all until it explodes, heavily damaging you and giving you a chance to get Poisoned. Leaving it alone for a while will have the Jubigee's gland grow smaller. It seems that the gland enlargement is triggered specifically by flinching, so a super-armored Jubigee's gland cannot get bigger; they're basically harmless.
Dark Drosera - It hides as a cactus but ambushes enemies as they approach. Highly toxic.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
Proxy the Nimble - A demonic soldier that uses its stealth and agility to attack you. Not only that, but Proxy can also use its bow to inflict heavy damage to the player too!

-Stab: Proxy will unleash a hidden knife from his sleeve to stab the player. The knife is decorated with poison, so you should always be cautious of his knife!
-Arrow Sling: At times, Proxy will use his bow with high accuracy to damage anybody in its path. It should also be noted that Proxy's arrows are decorated with poison too, so any arrow attack will have a chance of poisoning you.
-Roll: When stuck in a combo or being crowded, Proxy will roll backwards in order to dodge your attacks. The miniboss can use this move at any time.
-Multi-Shot: Proxy grips his bow tightly and charges up three arrows to shoot right at you.
-Tempest: His strongest move. Proxy will unleash a circular range of arrows from his bow, shooting out like a machine gun. }}

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Image Description
Portal - These Portals are scattered throughout the floating gardens of the dungeon. You'll need to step on them in order to get to the next part of the stage!


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Image Description Attaques
Plant Overlord (3x) - The Plant Overlord was once a holy tree that protects the Underground Garden, but it is now infected by the demon's energy and sides with them. There are 3 Overlords, so try and defeat one by one with caution! It should also be noted that its head is its weakest point, not the Overlord's root. All damage to the Plant Overlord's roots will be reduced by 70% in addition to its defense.

-Summon! The Overlords will summon a Mutated Vine in any location to where you currently are when you are more than half the room away from them.
-Vine Whip: When you're near the one of the Overlords, the overlord will whip you with its vines to defend itself.
-Sludge: At certain times, the Overlords will throw up green sludge from its mouth to repeatedly damage and poison you. It will generally not use this attack if it is being actively attacked.
-Transform! When two of the overlords are killed and there is only one left, the remaining overlord will transform into a stronger form, having much more power, speed, and defense, all with upgraded attacks! It is strongly recommended not to trigger this form, instead, a tip among players is to kill one of the overlords and to leave the rest of the two with low HP. Then wipe them out all at once or before the remaining overlord Transforms.

Plant Overlord (Transform) - The transformed Overlord is now much more powerful and aggressive than ever before, all combined with high defense, speed, and attack!

-Summon! The Overlord will stab its vines to the ground and summon many more Mutated Vines than ever before, even if you are nearby.
-Sludge: Instead of a normal sludge, the transformed overlord's does more damage all with higher accuracy since he can now aim in the direction he wants to. However this actually has less coverage than its previous version allowing you to escape easier.
-Vine Whip: When you're near the the Overlord, it will whip you with its vines to defend itself. This attack is now much faster.
-Bite: When you are nearby it will occasionally try to bite you, it will bite to the left, middle, then right in that order.
-Attack 2 (if well-coordinated, all) of the Overlords simultaneously until they are near death (one is allowed to be killed out of the them). If only two were attacked at a time, go to the next one with the most HP and kill it. Proceed to kill the remaining Overlords. If the remaining one or two Overlords left were handled correctly, you can defeat the stage in a matter of seconds due to them dying before transformation (they should have low HP so that a couple Special Actives can finish them quickly). -The lower part of its body has more defense than its upper part, making it's more faster to attack it from the platform (Aishas will find no hard in this part). }}

Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Proxy's Bow
Proxy's Bow
Proxy the Nimble

Lv42 Bow:

Physical Attack +2885

Magical Attack +2885

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Action Speed +5%





High Mage Run

  • Interestingly enough,the design of Proxy is somewhat similar to the assassins in the Assassin's Creed Franchise because his secondary weapon looks like the iconic weapon of the franchise,The Hidden Blade.
  • Proxy wrote the skill note Bow String Maintenance.