3-6 : Galion volant de transport

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Galion volant de transport

You're on the Transport Airship, a galley that flies in the sky. You have no clue where the airship is heading.
An airship that travels back and forth between Altera and Bethma. Busy Nasods can be seen.
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Image Description Attaques
Nasod Excavator SD-2 - An excavator that is an upgraded version of the D Series, not to mention that it's more faster and aggressive!
Nasod Bee - A flying Nasod Bee that scouts the airship, but be sure not to get hit by the bee's turret in its stinger!
Enhanced Nasod Miner - An upgraded and enhanced version of the old Nasod Miner. Be careful though, it's still dangerous and will thrust its drill right at you!
Nasod Excavator SD-3 - A modified D-3. It's been enhanced in every aspect and is even stronger than the SD-2 Excavator.
Nasod Healer - This floating Nasod monitors excavating Nasods and heals them.


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Image Description
Steam Trap - There will be vents that will exert steam at regular intervals that can damage you.
Conveyor Belt - Moving floor panels that automatically move anything standing on it whichever direction it travels.


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Image Description Attaques
Wally No. 9 Armor - Not another one! Lets hope that this robot is the last of the Wally series...

-Booster Dash: By using the jet packs behind his back, Wally will rush at you, dealing heavy damage.
-Mecha Punch: Punches you with its giant metal arms.
-Missiles: Bringing his robotic arms behind him, six missiles will come out of Wally on both sides!
-Thruster Explosion! Extending his arms, Wally will summon two blue bursts of energy from his hands to damage all those on the sides of him.

-Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits.

Wally No. 9 - Finally you defeated Wally! But wait... Where is he? And what is that thing coming out of the armor?!

-Rotary Slash: No.9 will uses his dual swords to quickly swipe you from both ways.
-Self-reinforcing: Like Elsword's Iron Body skill, No.9 can activate his super armor at any time, making you cautious whenever you try and approach him.
-Continuous Combo: Straightening himself, No.9 will spins his blade repeatedly with one hand while attacking you, ending his combo with both blades.
-Eye Laser: Using his energy, No.9 will unleash a laser from his eye, quickly going up and damaging anybody in front of him.
-Dimension Link Blader! His strongest move. No.9 will unleash a frenzy of attacks, smash you towards the ground, and while your in midair, will unleash an Eye Laser straight at you! Identical to Eve's Dimension Link Blader's combo.

-Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits. }}

Boss Intro:
Wally: You've done a fine job fighting your way and finding me... However... My greatest masterpiece! Wally No.9 Destroy them all!
Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Hand Blade
Hand Blade
Wally No. 9

Lv30 Blade:

Physical Attack +2273

Magical Attack +2273

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

Action Speed +2%