3-4 : Nid du dragon

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Nid du dragon

You've braved the unbearable heat of the Dragon Nest to catch the wicked Shaman Kayak.
An extremely dangerous volcanic cave. Kayak may be planning something evil.
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Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
Fire Komodo - A Komodo that helps the Lizardmen tribe attack you. But unlike the last ones, this one can breathe fire!
Saurus Warrior - An upgraded, bigger version of the Lizardman Saurus, this can pack an even bigger punch!
Flame Bat - A red bat that clings onto you and detonates itself, so watch out!
Berserk Lizardman - Unlike the last Lizardman, this one bathes its spear blade in lava before he attacks to burn you.
Berserk Shaman Lizardman - Lizardman Shaman that studies flames, making its magic strongest than ever before.
Flame Scorpion - A powerful scorpion that is much more advanced than before!
Shadow Warrior - A Shadow Warrior that summons by Kayak the Shaman. Similar to the Shadow Warrior in Bethma Lake (Night), but their attack are similar to Lizardman Warrior. This version only has one sword and so cannot transform it into a boomerang like the boss version.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
Dark Berauk - A stronger version of Berauk that can cast much more powerful spells.

-Energy Ball: Berauk fires a ball of energy at you.
-Thunder: Berauk will summon a smashing thunder in front of him.
-Power Accelerator: Berauk will buff his attack power.
-Magic Missile: Berauk will cast a flying Magic Missile from his hands that'll follow you!
-Lightning Shower: Berauk's strongest skill: the boss will raise his staff high into the air when he has full MP and cast multiple Thunders all around him. They are much more quicker and are harder to dodge.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 20 hits. }}

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Image Description
Geyser - A hole that spits fire at intervals and can cause burning damage. They are triggered by proximity.


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Image Description Attaques
Kayak the Shaman - At long last, you finally confront the mastermind behind it all, Kayak the Shaman!

-Whack: Whacks you with his staff.
-Chain Fireball: Kayak puts his arm in front of himself and fires three fireballs.
-Magic Missile: Like Berauk, Kayak can also summon a weakened version of Magic Missile that follows you. But don't underestimate it just for its size. Unlike Berauk's, Kayak's missile does much more damage and is easily fatal.
-Bonfire: Kayak will raise one of his hands and summon two fiery pillars that enables him for more space. If you touch one, you'll get burned, so watch out!
-Summon! When he has low HP, Kayak will summon a Shadow Warrior to assist him throughout the battle.
-Multiple Geyser: Kayak is capable of using an enhanced version of Elsword's Triple Geyser skill. Raising his staff, Kayak will summon four Geysers all around him, doing very heavy damage to all those near him.

-To Dodge : Get as close to him as possible and stand still to avoid Multiple Geysers.
-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits. }}

Boss Intro:
Kayak: You're the fellow who extracted the lizard juice. How regrettable... I will once again be the ruler of this mountain like ancient times!!! Don't bother me anymore!!!
Butins de bossMusique de fond
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Berauk's Treasure
Berauk's Treasure
Dark Berauk

Lv26 Drones:

Physical Attack +2018

Magical Attack +2018

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%

Action Speed +5%