8-6 : Cœur du Behemoth

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Cœur du Behemoth[edit]

Fallen Wind El Heart of Behemoth. The Wind El has been corrupted by the demons... Let's stop them before Karis and Behemoth join forces.
Inside of Behemoth is full of Karis's traps and Behemoth's deadly organs.
Niveau recommandé
Capacité de combat requise
Plan du donjon
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Image Description Attaques
7-6-2.jpg Dark Buggy Trock - An evolved version of Buggy Trock that has been corrupted by Succubus magic, giving them a boost in power.
7-6-1.jpg Dark Iron Trock - An evolved version of Rash Iron Trock that has been corrupted by Succubus magic, giving them a boost in power.
7-6-3.jpg Living Trock - An armorless flesh Trock that only spawns from tentacles.
7-6-4.jpg Living Vegar Trock - A version of Vegar Trock that only spawns from tentacles. This mobs can spam his regular attack endlessly.
7-6-5.jpg Living Caskey - A Caskey that only spawns from tentacles.
7-6-6.jpg Bon Domination - A small Waldo like creature that only spawns from tentacles.
7-6-7.jpg Slayer: Anu - A hybrid Waldo enhanced by Succubus magic.
7-6-8.jpg Incubus: Ikus - Ikus will use his claws and Incubus magic to deal damage.
7-6-9.jpg Succubus: Eris - Eris will stay airborne while using Succubus magic and bats for ranged support.
Bomberlord.jpg Bomberlord - This demon will hover above you and drop Bombers on the field. Will explode when defeated.
7-6-11.jpg Bomber - Demons that drop from Bomberlord or summon by Waldo's Domination. They will latch onto you and explode.
Tentacle Pillar.jpg Tentacle Pillar - This tentacle is passive, but it will spawn Living Trocks and Caskeys. The larger version has more health and spawns mobs along with Bon Dominations more frequently.
7-6-13.jpg Encroaching Tentacle - A tentacle will lash out of Behemoth's organs, plant itself on the field, and spawn aggressive tentacles. The larger version summons the large aggressive tentacles.
7-6-14.jpg Mutant Tentacles - These tentacles are aggressive and will spawn in groups. They can shoot void balls or smack players that get too close.
7-6-15.jpg Living Tentacles - These tentacles are aggressive and will spawn in groups. They can shoot void balls or smack players that get too close. This version has stoic and does more damage.
7-6-16.jpg Behemoth Trachea - These will spawn Crimson Eggs.
7-6-17.jpg Crimson Eggs - Crimson Eggs will spawn Bon Dominations.
  • When facing Karis, they will start spawning when her health falls below 32 life bars. They will spawn more frequently if Karis' health falls below 11 life bars.


Boss intermédiaire
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Image Description Attaques
Incoolord.jpg Incubus : Incoolord - A larger, more dangerous Incubus that uses enhanced magic to deal damage.

-Dark Pillar: Incoolord will summon a large mark underneath players, unleashing dark energy short after.
-Twilit Void: He will summon a void that sucks in players while damaging them as well. After a while, he will detonate the void.

Slayer Anu.jpg Slayer : Anud - A larger, more evolved hybrid Waldo enhanced by Succubus magic. Uses magic and claws to deal damage.

-Dark Fury: Anud envelopes his claws in a dark aura and slashes rapidly. He will slam the ground and create a dark shock wave if the animation is finished.
-Mad Rush: Anud will charge forward and damage anyone until he stops.

Erilot.jpg Succubus : Erilot - A larger, blonde haired Succubus that uses enhanced magic to deal damage.

-Screech: She will emit an aura that will continuously damage you and induce Panic.
-Bat Swarm: Erilot will summon numerous bats in the direction she is facing to damage you.
-Heart Summon: Multiple hearts will envelope Erilot, then home in on you. Blue Hearts will represent male characters and Pink Hearts will represent female characters. If a player were to touch a Heart that is of their own gender, they will lose all their Mana and all their skills' cooldowns will be reset. If a player were to touch a Heart of the opposite gender, they will recover 150MP and all their skills' cooldowns will be cleared.

Wadu.jpg Waldo's Domination - A giant Bon Domination who's seem to have gone through a strange mutation like many other creatures found in Heart of Behemoth.

-Flare Strike: Fire will envelope his weapon and he will either knock you away or perform a heavy hitstun.
-Ground Impact: He will smash his weapon into the ground and cause a quake, damaging anyone in front of him.
-Bomber Summon: Multiple Bombers will leap off of Waldo and assist him. }}

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Image Description
7-6-trap.jpg Crimson Eggs - Reverse - Instead of spawning mobs, these will spew poison.


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Image Description Attaques
Karis True Form.jpg Karis' True Form

-Void Blast: Fires a simple void ball toward the ground that explodes upon impact.

  • This is her main attack while her health is high.

-Homing Void Balls: Creates 6 homing void balls and launches them towards the players.

  • This move usually only use after depleting her about 32 life bars.

-Berserk (~11 bars): The columns of flesh will shoot out of the ground but the core will not retract. Karis will continuously attack, often using multiple skills at the same time.

  • Karis will become more aggressive after this.

-Death Scythe: Summons 6 giant scythes to strike the stage which erupt fountains of dark energy launching players who have been hit upwards. She will immediately chain this attack with Aerial Detonations.

  • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
  • She tends to use her aerial explosions skill immediately after to continue her attack on anyone launched up by this attack.

-Aerial Detonation: Multiple explosions occur in the air, deals enormous damage to anyone caught in it.

  • Once a player has been struck by any of these; they will continue to explode many more times, juggling the players across the map.
  • Mana breaking is strongly suggested if being hit is unavoidable but must be done after the secondary explosions start, otherwise they will all hit at once after the invincibility frames from mana break end.
  • Ride a mount also suggested when Karis cast the Scythe, as when your mount gets hit by the Scythe, mount will fall faster that you will avoid the detonation. Another trick is cast a skill that giving you immunity when casting the skill or skill is ongoing.

-Death Strike: Summons a very heavy shower of void balls centering over her core, deals enormous damage at the center.

  • This move is usually only used after she uses Retract Core at 28 life bars.
  • Usage of this attack will be signaled with an onscreen danger warning.
  • She will tend to use this more as her health drops, especially after whenever she retracts the core.
  • Cannot be mana broken.
  • The balls drop from the top left and move downward to the right, pulling anyone hit along with the shower. The leftmost side is generally more clear of balls.
Chushouhexin.jpg Tentacle Core - The core is connected and protected by Karis and is her weak point. It can summon Crimson Eggs, tentacles, and pillars.

-Has roughly 20 million HP spread across 40 lifebars on Very Hard
-It will spawn entities more frequently the more Karis' health drops.

  • When she activates this, she can crazily use some moves that have no super armor frames.

-It will retract and spawn pillars if Karis' health falls below a certain point (~28 life bars only spawns 2 Tentacle Pillar and ~15 bars spawns 2 more Tentacle Pillar but there's a bug which only 2 Tentacle Pillar will spawn at 15 life bars when she immediately resumes attacking after she uses Retract Core at 28 life bars).


      • This needs perfect timing, the skill must be casted RIGHT before the core retract.
Butins de bossMusique de fond

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Incoolord Accessorized Demon Sword
Incoolord Accessorized Demon Sword
Incubus : Incoolord

Lv70 Great Sword:

Physical Attack +4262

Magical Attack +4262

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +4%

All weapons attributes +0.5%





Deadly Chaser Run

Sakra Devanam Run

Party Run

  • After defeating Karis in her dying quotes, she mentions that she could not seek her revenge on the Angels, foreshadowing the existence of angels.