[Mod] Twilight Judgement

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[Special Active: Strength] [Mod]
Fire a demon bullet that explodes when it hits an enemy.
Switching Skill (Ciel)
  • Lu will switch to Ciel when skill is used.
  • Gain 4 Combination Points after hitting the target when switching.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Innocent 99 [Force] Twilight Judgment (A)

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Magical) Combination Gauge Gain MP Usage Cooldown
Bullet Explosion
PvE 2447% 3306% 4 200 MP 18 Seconds
PvP 836% 1130%

Skill Traits

Empowered Twilight JudgmentCritical Twilight Judgment
Attribute EffectAttribute EffectMP Usage
Damage increased to 120%MP Usage increased to 120%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
240 MP

Extra Information

Total Damage



Affected By Action Speed

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The skill fires much slower than the normal version, but deals all of its damage in a single shot rather than spread over 4 bullets.
  • This version lacks piercing, instead exploding upon contact with its first target, and the resulting explosion can deal damage to other surrounding targets.
  • The skill can be cancelled out of the moment the bullet is fired, either through moving or by using another skill.

Old Version

Video Description
Between its initial release and the 01/17/2019 KR Patch, the projectile would pierce through targets and the explosion occurred at a fixed distance. Unlike the unmodded version, the skill did not do splash damage.


Date Changes
05/17/2018 06/14/2018
  • [Mod] Twilight Judgement added.
01/17/2019 02/20/2019
  • Bullet explodes on impact.
  • Bullet damage decreased.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Recoil distance after firing reduced.
10/08/2020 11/04/2020
  • Can move earlier after using the skill.
08/19/2021 09/15/2021
  • Casting speed increased by 30%.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 트와일라잇 저지먼트 Twilight Judgment
Japan トワイライトジャッジメント Twilight Judgment
China (Simplified Chinese) 暮光审判 Twilight Judgment
Germany Urteil der Dämmerung Twilight Judgment
Spain Juicio del Crepúsculo Twilight Judgment
France Jugement du crépuscule Twilight Judgment
Italy Sentenza crepuscolare Twilight Judgement
Poland Wyrok Zmierzchu Twilight Judgment
Brazil Julgamento do Crepúsculo Twilight Judgment