Water Wears Away the Stone

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Master Skill damage increase every time you defeat an enemy.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Any 3rd Job Master Class 99 Water Wears Away the Stone Item

Skill Information

Rarity  Self BuffWater Wears Away the StoneSelf BuffWater Wears Away the Stone
Master Skill Damage Increase
(Per kill)
Max Damage
Rare 1% 10%
Elite 20%
Unique 30%

Tips and Details

Blue aura indicating skill is active.
  • The buff duration is unlimited.
  • If you change anything currently equipped in the Force Skill menu while the buff is active, it will be removed even if you keep the passive itself equipped the entire time.


  • The skill's Korean name is an idiom, literally meaning 'Many water drops can pierce stone eventually' that refers to how small things can accomplish much through persistence.


Date Changes
01/30/2020 -
  • Water Wears Away the Stone added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 수적석천 Water Drops Pierce Stone Eventually
Germany Steter Tropfen Constant Drop
Spain Gota constante Constant Drop
France Petit à petit Little by Little
Italy Goccia continua Constant Drop
Poland Kropla po Kropli
Kropla do Kropli
Drop by Drop
Drop to Drop
United Kingdom Constant Drops