Gran Tiratrice

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Gran Tiratrice


Portando la sua abilità con l'arco ad un livello superiore, Rena impara ad utilizzare delle frecce più grandi, che migliorano notevolmente la sua potenza d'attacco. Attraverso questo metodo, può ottenere una maggiore potenza e precisione, oltre ad integrare gli elementi nei suoi attacchi.


Sniping Rangers who came up to a certain level as a sniper begin to train and increase their ability to have a broader movement. When they set a target, they weaken the target, make them unable to move, and then fire a deadly strike. These sniping rangers have also found a way to draw in more mana due to a friendlier relationship with the nature. These specialists, who are capable of crippling their opponents, are called the Grand Archers.

Secondo Cambio di Classe

Al livello 35, l'Arciera Cacciatrice può diventare una Gran Tiratrice. La missione del secondo cambio di classe può essere presa da Aran, l'NPC presente in ogni villaggio.

Gran Tiratrice

Grand Archer can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Grand Archer Textbook.
  1. Parla con Adel ad Altera.
  2. Ottieni 5 item dai Nasod Scout Type-L nei dungeon di Altera.
  3. Uccidi:
  4. Parla con Alvar a Peita.
  5. Ottieni 20 item dagli Arcimago Vargo nei dungeon di Peita.
    • Consigliata la Cripta, in difficoltà Esperto.

Albero Skill

Livello 35 (4 SP)
Livello 45 (4 SP)
Livello 50 (4 SP)
Livello 55 (5 SP)
Livello 60 (5 SP)
Livello 65 (10 SP)


Immagine Descrizione Danni
Wind Bomb Combo

After doing her basic combo, Rena dashes behind the enemy while unleashing a Wind Bomb that stuns enemies within a wide radius, she then does a backflip and shoots out three arrows that knock down.

  • Post 12/13 KR patch:

ZZZXX Changed to ZZXX. After the Wind Bomb, by not doing the somersault shot, you will enter Siege Stance.

110% Phy. Damage
130% Phy. Damage
130% Phy. Damage
230% Mag. Damage
250% Mag. Damage x3
(18 MP)

Aerial Wind Bomb

Dashing and jumping then doing a 180 degree spin, Rena does an aerial kick and shoots out a Wind Bomb that launch enemies up into the air.

100% Phy. Damage
180% Mag. Damage
(6 MP)


Iper Attive

Cortina Sferica lock.gif

Attive Speciali

Bombardamento d'Aria
Esplosione Tempestosa
Protezione dal Vento
Freccia Ghiacciata - Puntura
Freccia Ghiacciata - Pioggia Minuta


Tiro Veloce
Tiro d'Arco
Stigma Magico lock.gif


Allenamento Avanzato di Magia
Sintonia con la Natura
Freccia Vibrante lock.gif


  • Grand Archer and Veteran Commander have the most Status changing skills out of every other 2nd Job.
  • Grand Archer is the only character that can induce the Targeted status effect by the use of Stigma Snipe.
  • After the 13 December patch, ZZZXX was removed and replaced with ZZXX. However, after the 17 January patch, they modified the combo so that both ZZXX and ZZZXX will produce the same wind bomb combo.
  • The feather ornaments on her head and dress, including the fact that she can call forth Gungnir, implies that to some extent her design was possibly inspired by valkyries, warrior maidens of norse mythology who are usually depicted with feather ornated helms, and serve under Odin who is the owner of the Gungnir lance Rena summons.
  • Grand Archer was one of the paths chosen by the players to be revamped in 12/20/12 during the series of Class revamp patches.