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Crimson Avenger
Full Name
Crimson Avenger
Claymore, Evil Energy Techniques
167 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Release Date
21 August 2014
10 February 2015
11 February 2015
11 February 2015
25 February 2015
26 February 2015
01 April 2015
File:Flag of Indonesia.png 01 April 2015
They shouldn't have messed with me...

Crimson Avenger


As a Crimson Avenger, Elesis masters her dark powers allowing her to become even stronger than before. Her attacks, while more powerful, cost even more health to maintain due to Blood Hit, which gives her an extremely high risk factor. To compensate for this, many of Elesis's passives are able to restore her health depending on the situation. Constantly on the brink between life and death, Crimson Avenger acts as the Berserker class, disregarding her defense and sacrificing her health in order to deal as much damage as possible.


Ambushed during the battle against the demons that had conquered Feita, Elesis ended up losing all of the knights under her command and was mortally injured in the process.
Going back and forth between life and death, Elesis managed to cling onto life by absorbing the Dark Energy from a Dark El shard that she had confiscated from Amethyst, but...
Due to the Dark Energy she absorbed, Elesis was consumed by a mad desire for vengeance and was reborn as the 'Crimson Avenger', who carried out bloody revenge against the demons.

Second Class Advancement

At Lv35, Dark Knight can advance into Crimson Avenger. The second class advancement quest is obtained from Ariel, the event NPC located in every town.
Crimson Avenger can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Crimson Avenger's Stamping.

Crimson Avenger

  1. Speak with Adel in Altera.
  2. Collect 60 drops from Nasods in Altera
  3. Speak with Allegro in Feita
  4. Kill 400 Demons in Feita
    • If you do Underground Chapel on Very Hard and go the long way, you can kill 58 demons per run, finishing the quest in 7 trips.
  5. Kill 80 Necromancers and then get 1 drop from Amethyst on Very Hard

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
Level 35
Level 40

Level 45
Level 50
Level 55

Level 60

Level 65
Level 70

Level 80

Level 90
Level 95
  • 2nd Job Skill Traits unlocked at Level 70.
  • 2nd Job Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon Transcending.
  • Transcendence Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
  • Transcendence Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd job class.


Additional Commands

Image Description Damage
Bloody Onslaught (NA Only)

While dashing, Elesis sends out waves of blood at the cost of MP in front of her that will hit up to three targets. Repeatedly pressing will send out more waves. The last two waves will pierce all enemies. Waves can be absorbed/reflected.

  • Post KR 04/20/2015 patch:
    • Waves of blood is no longer follow the path.
    • Fixed the error where the final wave of blood sends out 2 waves.
  • Post KR 09/03/2015 patch:

120% Phy. Damage
105% Phy. Damage
50% Phy. Damage +
100% Phy. Damage x2
Initial Waves
(50% Phy. Damage +
100% Phy. Damage x3 +) x1~5
Final Wave
105% Phy. Damage +
100% Phy. Damage x4

Rushing Blood (NA Only)

Elesis rushes through the targets, turns around, and strikes her sword into them. She then releases dark El energy from her sword while in Super Armor, damaging them multiple times and finally sends them flying with a back kick. Note that the longer you hold , the longer she will release dark energy before doing the back kick.

  • Post KR 04/20/2015 patch:
    • Knockdown stat for releasing dark El energy added.
    • Hitstun of releasing dark El energy changed to weak hitstun.
    • Range of releasing dark El energy greatly decreased.
    • No longer has a holding hitstun effect when hit by releasing dark El energy.
      • This means target will able to Mana Break.
  • Post KR 09/03/2015 patch:

120% Phy. Damage
100% Phy. Damage
100% Phy. Damage x 2~12 + 150% Phy. Damage

Blood Slash (KR Only)

Elesis will slash her enemy three times, then hit them with two bloody strikes without knocking them down.

 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage x4
 % Phy. Damage x6

Blood Wave (KR Only)

After doing an upward slash and a downward smash, Elesis will do a Uppercut that sends out a blood wave at the cost of 3 MP. Wave can be absorbed/reflected.

 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage + % Phy. Damage x2 (3 MP)

Focused Blood Wave (KR Only)

After performing a upward slash, Elesis will charge her sword with immense dark enemy and release it in one powerful blood wave.

Dark Disk (KR Only)

After an air slash, Elesis will charge and fire a black disk either forward or at an angle downward.

 % Phy. Damage
 % Phy. Damage


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  • Elesis' outfit was teased before her reveal in ElType Volume 3. In the comic, just as Elesis was about to get an avatar card, Add rushed by and the cards flew. Add was then hit by a avatar card which was Crimson Avenger's.
  • It is likely that the Dark El has affected Elesis' personality, as she laughs maniacally when winning.
  • Elesis' facial expression changes and her eyes turn amber upon becoming a Crimson Avenger.
  • After advancing to Crimson Avenger, Elesis' character selection screen quote changes once again, to match her lifeless personality.
  • Unlike Infinity Sword, who absorbed the energy of the Dark El with the desire to protect his friends, Crimson Avenger absorbed the energy of the Dark El in order to survive. This may have been what led to the personality difference between the two, despite both of them absorbing Dark El.
  • Although it's not noticeable in her artworks, Crimson Avenger keeps a scrap of Dark Knight's blood scarf. The scarf is used as a ribbon to tie her hair as shown in her in-game model.
    • In the portrait, she is shown holding onto the scarf while in her default skill cut-in, the scarf detached itself from her hair.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 크림슨 어벤저 Crimson Avenger
Japan クリムゾンアベンジャー Crimson Avenger
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 紅蓮復仇者 Red Lotus Avenger
China (Simplified Chinese) 绯红复仇者 Crimson Avenger
Germany Roter Rächer Red Avenger
Spain Vengadora roja Red Avenger
France Vengeresse pourpre Crimson Avenger
Italy Vendicatrice cremisi Crimson Avenger
Poland Czerwony Mściciel Red Avenger
United Kingdom Red Avenger
Brazil Vingadora Escarlate Scarlet Avenger














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