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Grand Master
Full Name
Grand Master
Great-Claymore, Basic Fire Techniques
167 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Release Date
10 October 2013
April 23rd,2014
April 24th, 2014
April 29th, 2014
29 April 2014
14 May 2014
29 October 2014
All troops, prepare for battle!!

Grand Master


Elegant and venerated, the Grand Master is an agile and powerful warrior. Her presence is awe-inspiring, boosting the morale of her allies while instilling fear into her enemies. With an overwhelming battlefield presence and tremendous capacity for destruction, the Grand Master will lay waste to all who oppose her, giving final judgement with her almighty Sword of Relics.


Elesis continued to search for the whereabouts of Scar and the demons, all while becoming stronger by following Adel's guidance and growing continuously. During the journey, Elesis hears that Feita is under attack by the demon invasion.
She immediately rushed over only to find that Feita had already became a bloody battlefield where victory and defeat alternated on a daily basis.

Elesis realizes that to overcome this crisis, she couldn't just rely on the strength of herself, but required the strength of many; she needed a power of an organized army. Realizing this, as the Saber Knight that carries out important missions for the kingdom of Velder, she takes command of the dispatched Velder and Feita knights and begins training them.

"We will follow you in the fight against the demons, we believe that you will lead us as the grand leader of us knights, a "Grand Master"!

During the time that Elesis had spent commanding and teaching, she gets a chance to look back at the fundamental aspects of her sword skills and improves her capabilities one step further as a result.

With her powerful swordplay skills, Elesis makes a considerable contribution defeating the demons in the Feita battlefield. Her contribution becomes officially recognized by the kingdom.

Using the theme of Elesis's nickname as the "Red-Haired Knight", Elesis becomes the first leader of the 'Red Knights'. Along with the knights that she had taught, Elesis dives into the battle to retake Velder.

Second Class Advancement

At Lv35, Saber Knight can advance into Grand Master. The second class advancement quest is obtained from Ariel, the event NPC located in every town.
Grand Master can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Grand Master's Neck Pendent.

Grand Master

  1. Speak with Adel in Altera.
  2. Collect 50 Memory Alloys from any Nasod monsters in the Altera region on any difficulty.
  3. Defeat:
    • Crow Rider 3 times in 4-5 on any difficulty.
    • King Nasod 3 times in 4-6 on any difficulty.
  4. Speak with Lento in Feita.
  5. Collect 100 Glitter Rations from any Glitter monsters in the Feita region on any difficulty.
    • In KR and EU Server, its quest descriptions showns that this quest items only drop for Glitter Defender, Glitter Archer, Glitter Spearman and Glitter Necromancer. This is incorrect as Glitter Pounder also drop this quest item.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
Level 35
Level 40

Level 45
Level 50
Level 55

Level 60

Level 65
Level 70

Level 80

Level 90
Level 95
  • 2nd Job Skill Traits unlocked at Level 70.
  • 2nd Job Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon Transcending.
  • Transcendence Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
  • Transcendence Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd job class.

Additional Commands

Image Description Damage
Ground Breaker

After doing the standard combo, you can dive down and damage nearby enemies.

200% Phy. Damage
20% + 175% Phy. Damage

Furious Windmill (NA Only)

After doing the standard combo, you can switch to spin repeatedly (in Super Armor) by rapidly pressing . You will end the spinning with a swing by either finishing the combo or stop pressing . You are able to move left and right while spinning.

  • The windmill attack's range is smaller than the animation would suggest, so it is nearly impossible to land all of the hits unless you are right up against a large or Super Armored target or are using Sword of Victory to increase the range of Elesis' attacks.
  • Post 09/03/2015 KR patch:

160% Phy. Damage
220% Phy. Damage
100% Phy. Damage
100% Phy. Damage (x4~x8)
+ 150% Phy. Damage

Relics of Victory (KR Only)

After doing the standard combo, you can drop mini Swords of Victory in front. You can extend the combo by holding .

Running Uppercut (KR Only)

After doing the standard combo, you can slash enemies without knocking them up.

  • Unlike Sword Knight's old Dash combo, the third hit gives hitstun instead of knocking up.

120% Phy. Damage
168% Phy. Damage
105% Phy. Damage

Combo Windmill (KR Only)

After doing the standard combo, you can switch to spin repeatedly. This combo has the same properties as Saber Knight's Furious Windmill combo.


Grand Master/Skills






  • Unlike her 1st job, Saber Knight, whose skills are very similar to Sword Knight, Grand Master's skills are nearly entirely different from Lord Knight.
  • Based on her portrait, Grand Master has the largest sword out of all the classes.
    • Although her claymore is canonically large, this is only shown in artwork, whereas a Grand Master's claymore avatar in-game is of normal size.
  • Grand Master's promotional dress has a golden design at the bottom of her dress, which is similar to the black one on Lord Knight's promotional pants.
  • Upon close inspection, even though all of Elesis's skill icons portray her in her given class (or her target on Heavy Stunner), Provoke's icon does not feature Grand Master, or any other Elesis classes, as neither of her classes have short hair with a loose strand going backward.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 그랜드 마스터 Grand Master
Japan グランドマスター Grand Master
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 舞劍聖姬 ???
China (Simplified Chinese) 帝剑骑士 Emperor Sword Knight
Germany Großmeister Grand Master
Spain Gran maestra Grand Master
France Grand maître Grand Master
Italy Gran Maestra Grand Master
Poland Wielki Mistrz Grand Master
Brazil Grande Mestra Grand Master














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