[Mod] Autosuggestion

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[Special Active: Bravery] [Mod]
Extract the power granted by the Goddess Ishmael to release a magical storm and enter the temporarily enhanced state through  Self BuffAutosuggestionSelf BuffAutosuggestion.
  • You gain the  Self BuffAutosuggestionSelf BuffAutosuggestion buff.
  • Max HP is increased by 1.5 times
  • Max MP is increased by 1.2 times
  • Awakening Duration is increased by 30 seconds
  • When using a Projection Skill, gain 1 additional  Self BuffProjection EnhancementSelf BuffProjection Enhancement buff stack
  • Duration: 20 Seconds.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Richter 99 [Force] Autosuggestion (A)

Skill Information

Mode Magical Storm
 Self BuffAutosuggestionSelf BuffAutosuggestion Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Max HP Increase Max MP Increase Awakening Duration Increase
(Upon Awakening)
 Self BuffReinforced ProjectionSelf BuffReinforced Projection Gain
(On Projection Skill use)
PvE 488% 1.5× 1.2× 30 Seconds 1 20 Seconds 10 250 MP 18 Seconds
PvP 109%

Skill Traits

Light AutosuggestionKilling Blow (1) Autosuggestion
Attribute EffectMP UsageAttribute EffectDuration
MP Usage decreased to 80%200 MPSkill effect's duration increased to 130%26 Seconds

Total Damage


Tips and Details

  • Despite the tooltip implying that Awakening Duration is increased, it actually refers to the total Awakening Duration that you receive upon awakening/reawakening. For example, if you use [Mod] Autosuggestion and then awaken, your total awakening time will be increased by 30 seconds. This effect seems to stack up to 6 times, allowing for a total of 180 seconds of additional awakening time.


Date Changes
08/09/2018 08/22/2018
  • [Mod] Autosuggestion added.
08/23/2018 09/06/2018
  • Awakening Time Increase effect added.
  • Movement Speed Increase effect removed.
  • Awakening Charge Speed Increase effect removed.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Max MP Increase decreased.
08/19/2021 09/15/2021
  • Max MP Increase notation changed to reflect actual effect.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 아우투수게스티온 Autosuggestion
China (Simplified Chinese) 自我暗示 Autosuggestion
Germany Autosuggestio
Spain Autosuggestio
France Autosuggestio
Italy Autosuggestio
Poland Autosuggestio
United Kingdom Autosuggestio
Brazil Autossugestão Autosuggestion