Elrios Jump Master!

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Elrios Jump Master!

Deep inside Elrios Forest, covered by mystical magic. Will you find something if you climb the sky-high tree?


Let's climb the tree faster than anyone!
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power

How to Play

Climb to the top and try not to fall down. Watch your step!

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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Dunno.png Leaf - Normal platforms of various sizes.
Dunno.png Flowers - Spinning flowers which move back and forth or up and down. They come in two sizes, normal and small.
Dunno.png Wet Leaf - A leaf still wet with morning dew. You will slide of if you try to stay on them.
Dunno.png Magical Leaf - A leaf shimmering with magic. Landing on these will launch you high in the air.
Dunno.png Butterfly Leaf - A leaf with some blue butterflies, standing on these will teleport you back.
Dunno.png Sprout - Extremely small platforms.


  • Dungeon Victory Quotes
  • Elsword: Pant, pant... This, this is nothing! Of course I can climb this high!
  • Aisha: I can easily teleport this high, but I suppose climbing up isn't too bad occasionally.
  • Rena: Ah! It feels like home surrounded by wood like this. I'll have to enjoy this while it lasts!
  • Raven: Not bad, It's like training that requires reaction speed, stamina, and resilience.
  • Eve: I have figured out the movement pattern of the inhabitants of this forest.
  • Chung: Yikes, I almost fell because of a trap. Phew, that was scary!
  • Ara: Climb up, one step at a time, and you will eventually reach the top.
  • Elesis: Finally at the top! It took longer than I thought. Maybe I should train harder.
  • Add: Hmph! Who falls for an obvious trap like this! I'll reach the top in no time.
  • Lu: Oho! This place looks interesting! Let's race to the top, Ciel!
  • Ciel: Lu, racing is fine and all, but it's dangerous if you fall.
  • Rose: This tree is pretty tall and the climb is quite dangerous. But this is easy!
  • Ain: We climbed all this way... Don't tell me we have to climb down...? Haha, you've got to be joking.
  • Laby: Tada! Goal! It was hard with all the flowers moving... But Laby never gives up!
  • Noah: I didn't realize a place like this existed... This is definitely a view worth the climb.
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Item - Magical Sprout.png [Cobo] Magical Sprout Obtained by playing the dungeon.
Obtained by clearing the event quest.
Used to exchange for event items at Ariel.
Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion.png [Luriel] Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion x5 Exchange the following at Ariel:
  • Item - Magical Sprout.png Magical Sprout x1
Consumable: Event Recovery

Recover 75% HP
Recover 75% MP
Cooldown time 30 secs.

Item - Hedgehog Sprout.gif [Luriel] Hedgehog Sprout Exchange the following at Ariel:
  • Item - Magical Sprout.png Magical Sprout x5
Face Accessory (Top):

Physical Attack +10
Magical Attack +10
Physical Defense +20
Magical Defense +20

Jump Speed +2%
HP Increase +2%

Date Changes
04/28/2022 04/27/2022
  • Elrios Jump Master! added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 엘리오스 점프왕! Elrios Jump King!
Japanese Flag.png Japan エリオスジャンプ王! Elrios Jump King!
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 艾里奧斯跳躍之王! Elrios Jump King!
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾里奥斯跳跃王! Elrios Jump King!

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