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怪物图片 Boss介绍 攻击方式
Lord's Keep Guard Captain - The captain of the lord's guard.
  • Strike: The captain will smash the area in front of him with his flail.
  • Flail Spin: Spin his flail while he walks forwards.
  • Black Hole Vortex: Stand in place and swing his flail creating a rift in space. Players will be sucked in while he does continuous damage. At the end he'll perform a horizontal swing which will span across one of the two elevations.
Commander Gunther - A powerful leopard demon under the control of Nenya.
  • Claw Combo: Perform several slashes with his claws engulfed in flames. Slash several times in front and finish with an all around slash.
  • Charge: Leap to one of the far ends of the map then charge across the map ramming into anybody in his path.
  • Hard Landing: Jump into the air and land somewhere else on the map. Upon landing, he'll howl which stuns anybody nearby.
Head Jailer Deborah - A powerful wolf demon under the control of Nenya.
  • Arrow Rain: Fire arrows up into the air and they will rain down in front of her.
  • Swipe Shot: Perform a round swipe with their claws before back-stepping to fire an arrow.
  • Onslaught: Deborah will jump in and out of the background and foreground as she slashes through targets. The areas she targets will be indicated by a target icon.
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怪物图片 Boss介绍 攻击方式
Lord Nenya - The evil demon acting as the town's tyrannical lord.
  • Teleport: Nanya can teleport across the map at will.
  • Fire Bombs: Create seven fire bombs, one on top of himself and six around him that explode.
  • Lightning Burst: Cause bolts of lightning to run across the upper area of the map.
  • Dark Chains: Restrain players with a dark chain, these can escaped by mashing the directional keys.
  • Ice Pillars: Nenya will make several large pillars of ice burst out of the ground and launch players up in the air. These pillars will be indicated by a blue light.


  • Guard Captain: I will not allow you to Lord Nenya!

  • Gunther: You will not pass!!

  • Deborah: I will send you humans all to prison!!
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Nenya's Tail
Nenya's Tail
Lord Nenya

Accessory (Bottom Piece):

Physical Attack +50

Magical Attack +50

Damage Reduction +2.5%




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  • 地区19
  • 地区1~6
  • 地区7~12
  • 地区13~18
  • 娜薇
  • 诺亚
  • 其他