Victory Survival Strategy

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Use a winning strategy to overheat more and remove certain debuffs quicker. Selected skills become 1.2 stronger when activated midair.
Certain Debuffs:
  •  Enemy DebuffWoundEnemy DebuffWound,  Enemy DebuffBleedEnemy DebuffBleed,  Enemy DebuffBlindEnemy DebuffBlind,  Enemy DebuffHaze ExplosionEnemy DebuffHaze Explosion,  Enemy DebuffFaintEnemy DebuffFaint,  Enemy DebuffConfusionEnemy DebuffConfusion,  Enemy DebuffPanicEnemy DebuffPanic,  Enemy DebuffFearEnemy DebuffFear,  Enemy DebuffFlattenedEnemy DebuffFlattened,  Enemy DebuffMove SlowdownEnemy DebuffMove Slowdown,  Enemy DebuffLethargyEnemy DebuffLethargy.
Excessive Overheating
  • Can Overheat more than 2% HP.


Class Level Required
Veteran Commander 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Certain Debuffs
Duration Decrease
Flame Sword / Haze Explosion
Skill Damage Increase When Activated Midair
1 35 12.5% 20%
2 51 15%
3 59 17.5%
4 92 20%

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The removal of the 2% HP limit from Overheating allows you access to Veteran's buff more easily, but it does make Overheating quite a bit more dangerous if you're not paying attention, especially the higher your attack power is.
  • Many of the status effects that Veteran Commander gains resistance to through Victory Survival Strategy are effects commonly used by other players, meaning this passive is exceptionally useful in PVP.


  • The aerial use effect of this passive was originally part of the deleted passive Air Slicer. It also affected Fatal Wound before the skill was moved to Blade Master, as well as Bursting Blade, which is now usable in the air by default.


Date Changes
06/27/2013 11/06/2013
  • Victory Survival Strategy added.
02/05/2015 -
  • No harmed overheating HP limit increased.
08/13/2015 -
  • Added leftover passive effects from Air Slicer.
03/10/2016 -
  • Tooltip error fixed.
03/24/2016 -
  • Tooltip error fixed.
11/03/2016 11/23/2016
  • No harmed overheating HP limit increased.
  • Skill Damage Increase decreased.
12/01/2016 01/11/2017
  • No Overheat Damage effect fixed.
05/18/2017 05/31/2017
  • Immune Debuff effect added.
06/15/2017 06/28/2017
  • No Overheat damage effect deleted.
  • Immune Debuff effect changed to be Debuff Duration Reduce.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 용병의 승리전략 Shadow Technique of Mercenary - Victory
Japan 傭兵の勝利戦略 Mercenary Victory Strategy
China (Simplified Chinese) 佣兵的胜利战略 Mercenary Victory Strategy
Germany Siegesstrategie des Söldners Mercenary Victory Strategy
Spain Estrategia de victoria mercenaria Mercenary Victory Strategy
France Stratégie de victoire du mercenaire Mercenary Victory Strategy
Italy Strategia del Trionfo del Mercenario Mercenary Victory Strategy
Poland Strategia Zwycięstwa Najemnika Mercenary Victory Strategy
United Kingdom Winning Mercenary Strategy
Brazil Táticas de Guerra de um Mercenário War Tactics of a Mercenary