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Floresta das Sombras

Você entrou na Floresta das Sombras, onde parece ser sempre noite.
Uma floresta sombria que emana uma energia das trevas. É um local com entrada proibida.
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Layout do Calabouço:
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Imagem do Monstro Descrição do Monstro
Abelha Venenosa - Uma abelha venenosa! Tenha certeza de não ficar perto o bastante ou ela irá te picar! As abelhas surgem dos "Ninhos de Abelha Venenosa".
Poisonous Mush - A mushroom contaminated by the polluted forest.

They can attack by unleashing a poisonous cloud, which can poison you.

Wisp - A small harmless spirit living in the forest. But don't let it get too close to a Mini Ent or else the Wisp will reanimate it!
Mini Ent - Normally they just stand still, but when they get reanimated by a Wisp, the Ent will start attacking you!
Ghost Magician - A roaming Ghost that can use magic. Don't let it hit you with it's fireballs!
Poisonous Bee Hive - A small beehive that can spawn bees. Make sure to attack it before it does though!

It can only spawn a limited number of Poisonous Bees. }}

Mini Chefe:
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Imagem do Monstro Descrição do Chefe Movimentos do Chefe
Kira-Kira - An advanced version of the Ghost Magician. Not only can it shoot fireballs, but it can also summon thunder and other sorts of powerful spells!

-Fireball: Kira stops, puts an arm out, and fires a small fireball much like his fellow mages.
-Lightning Strike: Kira summons a bolt of lightning that strikes the targeted player, dealing damage and inflicting  Enemy DebuffCurseEnemy DebuffCurse. }}

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Imagem do Monstro Descrição do Chefe Movimentos do Chefe
Ente - An ancient tree made bitter, angry and sentient from a contaminated piece of El.

-Chain Fireball: The Ent will shoot 3 fireballs out of its mouth that can follow you.
-Spin Swipe: The boss will turn around to swipe you with its hands.
-Vine Attack: One of his strongest moves, the Ent will summon three vines that shoot up to pierce you.
-Guard: Ent will crossed arms in defense, reducing damage received while in super armor.

-O chefe ativa Super Armadura ao levar 25 hitss. }}

Boss Drops:BGM:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Kira-Kira's Wand
Kira-Kira's Wand

Lv10 Wand:

Physical Attack +1253

Magical Attack +1253

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%