Obsidian Moon

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The endless darkness became lightless obsidian.
Use Obsidian Points to use skills.
While Obsidian Moon is active, if you use any skill with [Obsidian Darkness], activate [Obsidian Darkness] effects.

* Requires Obsidian Points to use.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • MP Usage is decreased by 20%.


Class Level Required
Second Revenger 15

Skill Information

 Self BuffObsidian MoonSelf BuffObsidian Moon Duration MP Usage Cooldown
[Obsidian Points] × 10 Seconds 20 MP 10 Seconds
[Obsidian Points] × 10 Seconds 16 MP 10 Seconds

Skill Traits

Haste Obsidian MoonPowerful Obsidian Moon
Attribute EffectCooldownAttribute EffectCooldown
Cooldown decreased to 70%7 SecondsSuper Armor added to the skill
Cooldown increased to 150%
15 Seconds

Related Skills

[Obsidian Darkness] Skills

Tips and Details

  • Using the skill again while the the buff is active will not prolong its duration, thus wasting Obsidian Points.
  • If you are currently on the second Half Moon phase and use this skill to move into New Moon, the Obsidian Point gained from reaching New Moon will be added before this skill consumes them. As the skill requires at least 1 point to be used, this can only be done when you already have a point, however.
    • Although highly unlikely, if used right before a screen transition, it's possible for the skill to add Obsidian Points from switching to New Moon but not have enough time to consume them and grant the buff.
  • While this skill will not consume the New Moon Awakening first-skill Damage buff, the Half/Full Moon MP Cost/Cooldown equivalents will be consumed.


  • Due to Noah being forcefully given the sun element, the buff icon for Obsidian Moon shows both a sun and a moon.


Date Changes
12/17/2020 01/13/2021
  • Obsidian Moon added.
  • Skill no longer applies Following Skill Damage Increase effect of New Moon after awakening.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 칠흑의 달 Pitch Black Moon
Japan 漆黒の月 Pitch Black Moon
China (Simplified Chinese) 漆黑之月 Pitch Black Moon
France Lune d'obsidienne Obsidian Moon
Poland Obsydianowy Księżyc Obsidian Moon
Brazil Lua Obscura Dark Moon