Equivalent Exchange

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  • NA
  • KR (04/25/2024)
Attack Range for Memory of the Forest's Sacrifice Increases. Skill Cooldown decreases depending on the Growth Stage of the Sacrificed Summon. (Excludes Andromeda!/Summon Skill/Bond Skill/Hyper Active)


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Daydreamer: Transcendent 90 Power of Transcendence Skill Quest

Skill Information

  • NA
  • KR (04/25/2024)
Skill Level Level Required Sacrifice Attack Range Increase Skill Cooldown Decrease
Per Sacrifice's Growth Stage
1 90 15% 20%
1 90 4.5% 20%

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • Since you need at least one Growth stage to gain the minimum 20% cooldown reduction, it is best to cast a skill right after a summon appears before using [See You Next Time] to ensure the effect will apply.
  • Cooldown reduction is based on a skill's total cooldown, including skill traits.
  • Upon summon destruction right before suffering from a hitstun it is possible to lose your summon, but not benefit from the cooldown reduction. The cause of this is the dependency of the host of the party to manage monsters in a dungeon, but the validation of cooldown checks being handled client side.
    • It is also possible to benefit from the cooldown reset, but have your summon stuck in a sort of limbo state where your client registers your summon as destroyed, but for some reason the hosts client not receiving the summon destruction command, forcing you to have to press the button to destroy your summon again (possibly multiple times). The summon will behave normally in this state, but the destruction will not grant you any more cooldown reset until the client host successfully receives another summon destruction command and destroys said summon.
  • At Growth stage 5, using [See You Next Time] will fully reset your skills' cooldowns allowing you to quickly cycle through your skills again.
    • This is very similar to Radiant Soul's  Party BuffHello, LabyParty BuffHello, Laby effect, though with a shorter re-use time and only for yourself, with no additional effects otherwise. Since Growth can be gained every 2 seconds, it will take at least 10 seconds between casts of [See You Next Time] to take advantage of a full cooldown reset.
    • Due to the cooldown between gaining Growth Stages, Growth Stage 3 or 4 may already be enough to reset most of your skill cooldowns, letting you take advantage of the effect much more often.


Date Changes
01/31/2018 03/06/2019
  • Equivalent Exchange added.
  • Andromeda! added to list of unaffected skills.
  • Sacrifice Attack Range Increase decreased.
03/12/2020 04/08/2020
  • None.
  • Sacrifice Attack Range Increase decreased.
  • Sacrifice Attack Range Increase changed to depend on consumed Growth Stage.
  • Skill Cooldown Decrease per Sacrifice's Growth Stage changed to Skill Cooldown Decrease per Current Growth Stage.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 등가교환 Equivalent Exchange
France Échanges douloureux Painful Exchanges