Infobox Prototype

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This is infobox proto. All infoboxes should use this proto.

How to Use

Valid Parameters:

  • Content Parameters: title, image, label???, data???
  • Layout Parameters: colset, set???
  • Styling Parameters: style, class, color

Parameter Instructions

  • title: (Optional) The heading. Omitting will result in a thin line.
  • image: (Optional) The image on the top.
  • label???: Heading of entry. Required for entry.
  • data???: Data of entry. Required for entry.
  • set???: (Optional) Number of entry columns (label does not count).
  • colset: (Optional) Required only if having set???, the product of set numbers in the whole infobox.
  • style: (Optional) Style of in infobox, following CSS syntax.
  • class: (Optional) Class of infobox, following HTML class attribute syntax.
  • color: (Optional) Color of the heading. Default uses wikiskin default.

Other Notes

  • Both label??? and data??? is required to add an entry.
    • set??? is required to add an multiple-column entry.
    • If you are adding a multiple-column entry, the data should be written as data???/....
    • In this case, if data is omitted, a entry will still be added.
  • colset can also be least common multiple (LCM), just make sure the set??? is fractional to colset