Sandstorm Carried Will

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Was it the influence of the unfamilar power she felt since that day? Every time she casts magic, Lithia feels her magic has become stronger. Especially, when casting useful magic to allies, her magic will expand even greater and can use wider range of magic.
This power... Is this really a curse?

All skill's magical damage will be converted to physical damage. Physical Attack Power and Max MP is increased.

Some skill effects will apply to caster as [Sandstorm Will] effect.
When vowed with party members with a [Golden Vow], [Sandstorm Will] skills will activate on the Vower to also have the skill effects applied. The caster and Vower connected with a vow will both have the skill's effect applied as a [Sandstorm Will] effect.
([Sandstorm Will] skill activated from the Vower will not hit enemies. The effect acitvated from the caster and Vower will not stack. When the effect is applied as [Sandstorm Will], the identical base effect of the skill will not stack.)


Class Level Required
Fortune Finder 15

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Increase Max MP Increase
1 15 9% 70
2 31 11% 80
3 37 13% 90
4 83 15% 100
1 15 3.6% 70
2 31 4.4% 80
3 37 5.2% 90
4 83 6% 100

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[Sandstorm Will] Skills

Tips and Details

  • When casting [Sandstorm Will] skills, the skill effect will also appear on the Vower that you chose with Golden Vow. The [Sandstorm Will] effect will be applied regardless of range but does not deal damage.
    • After achieving Transcendance, additional damage will be dealt according to the Awakened Will passive.
  • [Sandstorm Will] skills that appear on the Vower will have a greenish effect.


Date Changes
02/01/2024 02/28/2024
  • Sandstorm Carried Will added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 사풍에 담은 의지 Will Of Sandstorm