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If you want something, there's a price for it!

Upon defeating a monster, a party member will receive  Party BuffPayParty BuffPay.
(Normal: 10 / Mid Boss: 30 / Boss: 50)
Special Active MP Cost decrease based on the amount of  Party BuffPayParty BuffPay. Upon reaching 100 [Pay], [Pay] will disappear and Lithia (Fortune Finder, Greedy Wonder, Avarice) and the Vower will gain  Selective Target Buff[Collection and Payment]Selective Target Buff[Collection and Payment], while other party members will gain  Ally Only Buff[Reasonable Price]Ally Only Buff[Reasonable Price].

When a party member gains [Reasonable Price] at the price of the party member's Pay, Lithia and Vower will also gain [Collection and Payment]]
 Selective Target Buff[Collection and Payment]Selective Target Buff'[Collection and Payment]'
  • Max MP Increase for a set duration (Max 5 stacks)
 Ally Only Buff[Reasonable Price]Ally Only Buff'[Reasonable Price]'
  • Enhance certain [Sandstorm Will] effect for a set duration.


Class Level Required
Greedy Wonder 40

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required  Party BuffPayParty BuffPay Upon Party Member Obtaining 100 Stacks of  Party BuffPayParty BuffPay
Special Active Skill MP Usage Decrease Max Stacks  Selective Target BuffCollection and PaymentSelective Target BuffCollection and Payment
(Caster and Vower)
 Ally Only BuffReasonable PriceAlly Only BuffReasonable Price
(Other Party Members)
Max MP Increase Max Stacks Duration Inspire Skill Cooldown Speed Increase Harmattan Physical Attack Increase Generosity Received Damage Decrease Duration
1 40 0.2% 100 12 5 24 Seconds 1.3x 10% 18% 24 Seconds
2 46 26 Seconds 26 Seconds
3 47 28 Seconds 28 Seconds
4 93 30 Seconds 30 Seconds
1 40 0.1% 100 1.2 5 24 Seconds 1.15x 5% 9% 24 Seconds
2 46 26 Seconds 26 Seconds
3 47 28 Seconds 28 Seconds
4 93 30 Seconds 30 Seconds

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • All stacks of  PayPay will be removed upon reaching 100 stacks.
  • As long as a party member has  Reasonable PriceReasonable Price, the strengthened values will directly replace the existing values given by the respective skills.


Date Changes
02/01/2024 02/28/2024
  • Reasonable Price added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 합당한 대가 Reasonable Price
Japan 適切な代償 Appropriate Compensation