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How you can help!

Here are several ways to contribute to Elwiki. Please add them; your help is appreciated <3
(If you add the information requested, please remove it from this list, thank you)

Please remember to specify which server you are referring to when adding skill information.

  • Provide the damage (in % form) of any basic combos for any job that lacks them.
  • Provide story quest numbers, names, requirements, and dialogues.
  • Add images for any allies/mobs/minibosses/obstacles/bosses that are missing from dungeon pages.
  • Using the Alternate Languages template, please help us record the various skill names from all servers. If the skill name that you are adding is identical to the title of the page, please do not add them.
  • Provide skill information to those that are lacking.
  • Add videos of any skill without one on their page yet or replace broken videos with working ones.
  • Correct any grammar / spelling errors that you may come across.