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Elesis's Story 1[edit]

The Velder Civil War was beginning to drag on and the Red Knight Mercenary's leader, Elkashu decided to call upon his talented daughter to aid in their final operation. Her unique skillset provided the commanders with tactics they'd not considered, though met with much resistance front he old guard. The importance of this mission weighs heavily, and she understands what her father must've felt when he too left to partake in the war.

Elesis's Story 2[edit]

The final move of the Velder Civil War is underway. With Penensio's plan to flank the enemy forces by traveling through Marden forest under Elesis's command, the Velder forces successfully managed to catch the rebelling forces off guard and allow Elkashu to face directly off with the Rebellion's Commander Corkus. Though outmatched, Elesis's intervention saved the day, earning her the legendary title of the Red Haired Knight.

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