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Comment obtenir des bestioles ?

Les bestioles peuvent être obtenu de plusieurs façons. Cependant, seul une (Petit Porou) est disponible grâce à une Quête épique, elles sont exclusives à l'elromarché hormi quelques une que l'on peut obtenir lors d'évènement.

Votre première étae pour obtenir une bestiole est le Petit Porou, c'est une quête en 3 étapes que l'on obtient au niveau 10. La quête se présente comme une quête épique dans le chapitre 2-1.

Le Parfait Compagnon pour vos Aventures !

  1. Allez à Elder et parler à Hoffman.
  2. Collecter 4 Perles fines de purification dans la Forêt obscure, que l'on obtient sur les Sorciers ténébreux.
  3. Collecter 1 Perle des sylvaniens furieux en tuant le Sylvanien furieux, le boss de la Forêt obscure.
  4. Allez dans la Grotte de Bender et tuez le Grand Porou rouge.

Félicitation! Vous venez d'obtenir un Petit Porou!

Liste des bestioles

Image Name Info How to Obtain
HQ Shop Item 500000.png Pocket Phoru An adorable little Phoru that'll be your friend! Episode 2-1 Quest
HQ Shop Item 85003040.png Black Phoru A Black Pocket Phoru! Given to players during Veteran Commander's release event and deleted after the event.
HQ Shop Item 153000095.png New Year Phoru A costume for the Pocket Phoru! Given to players as rewards during New Year Event (2014).
HQ Shop Item 152000373.png Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru A costume for the Pocket Phoru! Given to players as rewards during Elrios Cup Soccer Festival Event.

Starting Your Pet

Once you get your pet, it will be available under the Special tab in your inventory.

Right click it and a message will come up.


Once you name him/her, your pet is ready to begin!

Pet Menu Interface

Once you made your pet, go to the pet menu (Press P to open it) and choose your pet in the list.

It should direct you to this screen:



  • Clicking Summon will either summon the pet, or unsummon while it is out.
  • The Green Bar is its Hunger, which will slowly decrease for each monster killed.
  • The Blue bar under it is its Affinity.
  • During dungeon playing, your pet's Affinity will increase for each monster killed, unless your pet hunger is below 40%.

Pet Evolution

Life Crystal

Pets usually have four forms. The forms are termed:

  1. Life Crystal
  2. Infant
  3. Teen
  4. Adult

Pets usually start as a crystal, having no skills or functions until they become an Infant.

In order to evolve your pet, you will need to increase its Affinity. Once the pet's Affinity reaches 100%, a button will be available next to the Affinity bar, evolving your pet into the next appropriate form.


Evolution Forms

Name Infant Teen Adult SPECIAL
Pocket Phoru Petit STG1.png Petit STG2.png Petit STG3.png Petit STG4.png
Black Phoru (Event, not permanent) BlackPhoruKid.png BlackPhoruTeen.png BlackPhoruMighty.png
Rudolph Phoru Rudolph STG1.png
Witch Phoru Witch Phoru.png
?? Phoru Phoru Pet 01.png
HAT'S ON Phoru Phoru Pet 02.png
NAVER Phoru Phoru Pet 03.png
?? Phoru Phoru Pet 04.png
?? Phoru Phoru Pet 05.png
New Year Phoru NewYearPoru.png
Chinajoy Phoru Chinajoy Phoru.png
Hot-blooded Gamania Phoru Chinajoy Phoru.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru Newbie.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(?) Goalkeeper Phoru1.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(Uruguay?) Goalkeeper Phoru2.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(Brazil) Goalkeeper Phoru3.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(Germany?) Goalkeeper Phoru4.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(France?) Goalkeeper Phoru5.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(Spain) Goalkeeper Phoru6.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(?) Goalkeeper Phoru7.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(?) Goalkeeper Phoru8.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(?) Goalkeeper Phoru9.png
Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru(Legend) Goalkeeper Phoru Legend.png
Ancient Phoru Ancient STG1.png Ancient STG2.png Ancient STG3.png
Ancient Phoru: Dark DBABB STG1.png DBABB STG3.png DBABB STG2.png
Ghost Phoru: Darkness Ghost Phoru Darkness.jpg
Ghost Phoru: Flame Ghost Phoru Flame.jpg
Ghost Phoru: Ice Ghost Phoru Ice.jpg
Ghost Phoru: Light Ghost Phoru Light.jpg
Tree Knight TreeK STG1.png TreeK STG2.png TreeK STG3.png
Tree Knight: Spring Tree Knight Spring1.jpg Tree Knight Spring2.jpg Tree Knight Spring3.jpg
Tree Knight: Autumn Tree Knight Autumn1.jpg Tree Knight Autumn2.jpg Tree Knight Autumn3.jpg
Tree Knight: Winter Tree Knight Winter1.jpg Tree Knight Winter2.jpg Tree Knight Winter3.jpg
Tree Knight: Christmas Tree Tree Knight Christmas Tree.jpg
Tree Knight: Father Christmas Tree Knight Father Christmas.jpg
Magician Magician STG1.png Magician STG2.png Magician STG3.png
Death Reaper DeathreaperKidIcon.png DeathreaperTeenIcon.png DeathreaperIcon.png
Fairy HalloweenFairyKidIcon.png HalloweenFairyTeen.png
Tanya TanyaIcon.png
Rosetta RosettaIcon.png
Narnea Purple.png
Rael RaelIcon.png
Fairy Queen Eldena Queen.png
Mystic: Normal MystNorm STG1.png MystNorm STG2.png MystNorm STG3.png
Mystic: Yellow MystYell STG1.png MystYell STG2.png MystYell STG3.png
Mystic: White MystWhite STG1.png MystWhite STG2.png MystWhite STG3.png
Mystic: Red MystRed STG1.png MystRed STG2.png MystRed STG3.png
Mystic: Red MystBlue STG1.png MystBlue STG2.png MystBlue STG3.png
Hatchling: Normal Icon baby.jpg Icon teen.jpg Icon adult.jpg
Hatchling: Light Hacthling Light1.jpg Hacthling Light2.jpg Hacthling Light3.jpg
Hatchling: Darkness Hacthling Darkness1.jpg Hacthling Darkness2.jpg Hacthling Darkness3.jpg
Hatchling: Fire Hacthling Fire1.jpg Hacthling Fire2.jpg Hacthling Fire3.jpg
Hatchling: Wild Hacthling Wild1.jpg Hacthling Wild2.jpg Hacthling Wild3.jpg
Hatchling: Star Hacthling Star.jpg
Uniel Uniel.png Uniel (Teen).png Uniel (Adult).png
Uniring UniringInfant.png UniringTeen.png UniringAdult.png
Kumiho: Snow Kumiho Snow1.jpg Kumiho Snow2.jpg Kumiho Snow3.jpg
Kumiho: Flame Kumiho Flame1.jpg Kumiho Flame2.jpg Kumiho Flame3.jpg
Kumiho: Cursed Kumiho Cursed1.jpg Kumiho Cursed2.jpg Kumiho Cursed3.jpg
Kumiho: Stone Kumiho Stone.jpg
Mana Eater Mana Eater Pet.jpg
Blood Eater Blood Eater Pet.jpg
Panda Bear - Red Red Panda1.jpg Red Panda2.jpg Red Panda3.jpg
Panda Bear - Blue Blue Panda1.jpg Blue Panda2.jpg Blue Panda3.jpg
Royal Panda: Red Royal Panda Red.png
Royal Panda: White Royal Panda White.png
Son Goku Goku1.png Goku2.png Goku3.png
Hat Monster: Yellow Hat Monster Yellow.jpg
Hat Monster: Ebony Hat Monster Ebony.jpg
Reaper - Death Reaper - Death1.png Reaper - Death2.png Reaper - Death3.png
Reaper - Reverse Reaper - Reverse1.png Reaper - Reverse2.png Reaper - Reverse3.png
Raincoat Cat - Black Raincoat Cat - Black1.png Raincoat Cat - Black2.png Raincoat Cat - Black3.png
Raincoat Cat - Yellow Raincoat Cat - Yellow1.png Raincoat Cat - Yellow2.png Raincoat Cat - Yellow3.png
Raincoat Cat - Blue Raincoat Cat - Blue1.png Raincoat Cat - Blue2.png Raincoat Cat - Blue3.png
Raincoat Cat - Red Raincoat Cat - Red1.png Raincoat Cat - Red2.png Raincoat Cat - Red3.png
?? CowboyB1.png CowboyB2.png CowboyB3.png
?? CowboyA1.png CowboyA2.png CowboyA3.png
Arctic Hunter Peng Peng1.png
Snowman Snowman1.png
Berthe Jr. Berthe Jr.1.png Berthe Jr.2.png Berthe Jr.3.png
?? Bear White.png
?? Bear Brown.png
Tanato Than01.png Than02.png Than03.png
Marionette Marionette1.png Marionette2.png Marionette3.png
Halloween Teddy Bear HallowTeddy.png
Hoya Hoya1.png Hoya2.png Hoya3.png

Pet Skills

Pet Energy

With the pet skills, pets will also get access to a skill system called Pet's Energy.

Pet Energy is a passive skill that pets gain that allows the owner to get special effects out of it.

Each Pet has 4 types of Energy :

1. Body

2. Soul

3. Attitude

4. Fetch

Each type of energy gives a different type of stat(Except for Fetch). You can notice the pet energy and what it gives through the Pet Menu itself (Default Hotkey P)


There is a prerequisite in the pet's form to unlock each energy:

- Getting Infant form will allow your pet to unlock the Body energy

- Getting Teen form will allow your pet to unlock Body and Soul energy

- Getting Adult form will allow your pet to unlock Body, Soul and Attitude Energy (All 3 energies)

- Buying the Fetch Aura PetPickUp.png from the cash shop/item mall for (KR-5000NX/NA-500KC) will unlock Fetch for that specific pet.

Once the pet energy is unlock, you immediately get access to the stat if he is equipped and has at least 40% Hunger(Except for Fetch). If his Hunger is less than 40%, the pet energy will not open and the owner will not receive the special stats. As you can see from the above screenshot. Once a pet leaves crystal form, he will gain access to skills that you can see from the 2 icons on his top right. Both skills are used by the pet automatically.


Pets have 2 types of skills:

Attacks: These skills use their skills to attack and aid you in battle. The pet will use this skill once it achieves full mana.

Encouragement: These skills makes the pet encourage the user to fight harder, which gives them additional stats to the player for a certain amount of time. The pet usually uses this skill when you are extremely low on health.

Pet MP is a seperate MP bar that fills up as the player attacks.

Table of Pet Skills

Encouragement and Fetch Aura effects are all the same regardless of pet.

Icon Effect
PickUpIcon.png Fetch Aura
Fetch Aura does not require any amount of affinity to be active. While active, all ED/Loot will be auto picked up without you having to walk to the ED/Loot.

'Grab them all! Never miss a single ED again!'

Encouragement.png Encouragement

When your HP is 20% and below, your pet will begin to encourage you, granting you, for a period of time, additional stats.

  • Infant: Attack / Movement Speed +5%, Critical +6%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 20%, HP recovery .5% per second, MP recovery 6 MP per second
  • Teen: Attack / Movement Speed +10%, Critical +12%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 30%, HP recovery 1% per second, MP recovery 12 MP per second
  • Adult: Attack / Movement Speed +15%, Critical +18%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 40%, HP recovery 1.5% per second, MP recovery 18 MP per second

Normal Phoru

Energy Adult Form Preview Attacks
Icon Effect Effect Icon
PE BB1.png
Infant - Body
Natural Physique
Wind Attribute Resistance +25
+1% Piercing Effect Chance (If you have Wind Element)
Phorupet.png Feeding Bottle Toss
The Pocket Phoru hurls a Milk-Bottle at the enemy heavily damaging them
Milk Bottle - 300% of your average Physical and Magical Attack power while pushing them back.
PSI throw1.png
PE BB2.png
Teen - Soul
Pure Spirit
Physical Defense +1%
Magical Defense +1%
Mug Cup Toss
The Pocket Phoru will now throw a coffee cup and a feeding bottle as his attack
Tosses - dealing 350% of your average Physical and Magical Attack power while pushing them back.
PSI throw2.png
PE BB3.png
Adult - Attitude
Cowardly Stance
MP gain on Receiving Attack +2%
Frying Pan Toss
Pocket Phoru will throw a Feeding Bottle, Coffee Mug, and a Frying Pan
Tosses - 400% Damage of your average Physical and Magical attack power while pushing them back
PSI throw3.png

Ruldoph Phoru

Energy Adult Form Preview Attacks
Icon Effect Effect Icon
PE RB1.png
Infant - Body
Ice Attribute Resistance +50
+1% Slow Effect Chance (If you have Water/Ice Element)
Rudolphphoru.png No Infant Form -
PE RB2.png
Teen - Soul
Max HP +5%
Physical Defense +2%
Magical Defense +2%
No Teen Form -
PE RB3.png
Adult - Attitude
Action Speed +1%
Awakening Charge +4%
Snowball Toss'
Rudolph Phoru will throw three snowballs
Snowballs - 1666% Damage of your average Physical and Magical attack
PSI RB1.png

Witch Phoru

Energy Adult Form Preview Attacks
Icon Effect Effect Icon
PE BB1.png
Infant - Body
Natural Physique
WPPreview.jpg No Infant Form -
PE BB2.png
Teen - Soul
Pure Spirit
Physical Defense +1%
Magical Defense +1%
No Teen Form -
PE BB3.png
Adult - Attitude
Cowardly Stance
MP gain on Receiving Attack +2%
Bat Toss
Witch Phoru will throw a bat
Toss - 350% Damage of your average Physical and Magical attack power.

New year Phoru

Energy Adult Form Preview Attacks
Icon Effect Effect Icon
PE BB1.png
Infant - Body
Natural Physique
Fire Attribute Resistance +25
+1% Burning Effect Chance (If you have Fire Element)
NewYearPoruPreview.png No Infant Form -
PE BB2.png
Teen - Soul
Pure Spirit
Physical Defense +1%
Magical Defense +1%
No Teen Form -
PE BB3.png
Adult - Attitude
Cowardly Stance
MP gain on Receiving Attack +2%
New year Phoru will throw a firework.
Toss - 1050% Damage of your average Physical and Magical attack power.


To prevent your pet from becoming hungry, you will need to feed him/her. The feeding option is availabe in your inventory.


Pets accept the following foods:

  • El Tree Seeds (Obtained through events)
  • El Tree Fruit (Obtained through the Item Mall/Cash Shop)
  • Equipment
  • QPL Jellies
  • Mysterious Weeds (obtained through the Hatchling event)


  • Pets will only accept equipment 10 levels lower than your character level.
  • The better the equipment, the greater the hunger replenishment. Weapons replenish their hunger much greater than regular armor.
  • Once the pet's Affinity is over 70%, your pet will enter a state called "Special Mode" It can be identified by the prefix Special on the pet's name once he enters that state.
    • During Special mode, the pet will only accept El Tree Seeds or El Tree Fruits and will no longer accept any equipment until it reaches its next level.
  • If you would like to remove "Special Mode", just simply not feed your pet until his Hunger is low, which results on your pet's Affinity to lower.
    • Once your pet's Affinity is below 70%, your pet will not be in "Special Mode" anymore, though you can obtain it again anytime you wish.

QPL Jellies

You are also allowed to make weapon-shaped "QPL Jellies" that are tasty treats for your pet. The process of making a QPL Jelly is simple, and only basic materials are needed.

  • However, like normal food, pets will not accept QPL Jellies when they reach their "Special State".


El-Gems are obtained from dismantling weapons while Weapon Casts are bought from Blacksmiths available in any map.

Creating QPL Jellies will give you a chance of creating either a Fantastic or a Strange one.

  • Fantastic QPL Jellies (Red Background) are Elite and adds an additional 2% Affinity when fed to your pet.
  • Strange QPL Jellies (Dark Background) are of Low Grade Rarity and decreases 5% Affinity when fed to your pet.

Jelly How to Make Info
HQ Shop Item 99840.png HQ Shop Item 99910.png HQ Shop Item 99920.png

24x El-Gems (Lv.1-17)

1x Lv.1 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.12-19

Resell Price = 10,560ED

HQ Shop Item 99841.png HQ Shop Item 99911.png HQ Shop Item 99921.png

40x El-Gems (Lv.1-17)

1x Lv.1 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.20-27

Resell Price = 14,400ED

HQ Shop Item 99842.png HQ Shop Item 99912.png HQ Shop Item 99922.png

37x El-Gems (Lv.18-27)

1x Lv.2 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.27-35

Resell Price = 18,240ED

HQ Shop Item 99843.png HQ Shop Item 99913.png HQ Shop Item 99923.png

35x El-Gems (Lv.28-37)

1x Lv.3 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.36-43

Resell Price = 22,080ED

HQ Shop Item 99844.png HQ Shop Item 99914.png HQ Shop Item 99924.png

34x El-Gems (Lv.38-47)

1x Lv.4 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.44 and up

Resell Price = 25,920ED

HQ Shop Item 99845.png HQ Shop Item 99915.png HQ Shop Item 99925.png

33x El-Gems (Lv.48-57)

1x Lv.5 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.52 and up

Resell Price = 29,760ED

HQ Shop Item 99846.png HQ Shop Item 99916.png HQ Shop Item 99926.png

39x El-Gems (Lv.48-57)

1x Lv.5 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.60 and up

Resell Price = 33,600ED

HQ Shop Item 99977.png HQ Shop Item 99978.png HQ Shop Item 99979.png

42 El Gems (Lv.58-72)

1 Lv.6 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.68 and up

Resell Price = 37,440ED

HQ Shop Item 99993.png HQ Shop Item 99994.png HQ Shop Item 99995.png

?? El Gems (Lv.??-??)

1 Lv.7 Weapon Cast

These Jellies feed your pet when you are Lv.?? and up

Resell Price = ??,???ED

Pet Inventory

Pets have an inventory on their own which you can store on at all times. You can access it by pressing the pet button in your inventory menu. However, your pet must be an Infant or older to have their own pet inventory. The higher the level of your pet, the more inventory spaces you will have.


Inventory Sizes

Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 SPECIAL
Pocket Phoru Petit STG1.pngx1 Petit STG2.pngx2 Petit STG3.pngx3 Petit STG4.pngx3
Black Phoru BlackPhoruKid.pngx0 BlackPhoruTeen.pngx0 BlackPhoruMighty.pngx0
New Year Phoru NewYearPoru.pngx8
Ancient Phoru Ancient STG1.pngx3 Ancient STG2.pngx6 Ancient STG3.pngx9
Ancient Phoru : Dark DBABB STG1.pngx3 DBABB STG3.pngx6 DBABB STG2.pngx9
Tree Knight TreeK STG1.pngx3 TreeK STG2.pngx6 TreeK STG3.pngx9
Rudolph Phoru Rudolph STG1.pngx12
Magician Magician STG1.pngx4 Magician STG2.pngx8 Magician STG3.pngx12
Death Reaper DeathreaperKidIcon.pngx4 DeathreaperTeenIcon.pngx8 DeathreaperIcon.pngx12
Fairy HalloweenFairyKidIcon.pngx4 HalloweenFairyTeen.pngx8 RaelIcon.pngx12
Mystic: Normal MystNorm STG1.pngx3 MystNorm STG2.pngx6 MystNorm STG3.pngx9
Mystic: Red MystRed STG1.pngx4 MystRed STG2.pngx8 MystRed STG3.pngx12
Mystic: White MystWhite STG1.pngx4 MystWhite STG2.pngx8 MystWhite STG3.pngx12
Mystic: Yellow MystYell STG1.pngx4 MystYell STG2.pngx8 MystYell STG3.pngx12
Hatchling: Normal Icon baby.jpgx4 Icon teen.jpgx8 Icon adult.jpgx12
Hatchling: Event Hacthling Wild1.jpgx1 Hacthling Wild2.jpgx2 Hacthling Wild3.jpgx3
Uniel Uniel.pngx3 Uniel (Teen).pngx6 Uniel (Adult).pngx9
Uniring UniringInfant.JPGx3 UniringTeen.pngx6 UniringAdult.pngx9
Blood Eater Blood Eater Pet.jpgx16
Kumiho: Snow Kumiho Snow1.jpgx4 Kumiho Snow2.jpgx8 Kumiho Snow3.jpgx16
Kumiho: Flame Kumiho Flame1.jpgx4 Kumiho Flame2.jpgx8 Kumiho Flame3.jpgx16
Kumiho: Cursed Kumiho Cursed1.jpgx4 Kumiho Cursed2.jpgx8 Kumiho Cursed3.jpgx16
Berthe Jr. Berthe Jr.1.pngx4 Berthe Jr.2.pngx8 Berthe Jr.3.pngx12

Accordingly, you can add items on the pet inventory which you can save later on to feed him or enable automatic feeding to let him eat it automatically.

The checkbox on the top enables Automatic Feeding.

When your pet's Hunger is lower than 80%, he will automatically eat the items available in his inventory. The sequence of order that he will eat is on this order:

  1. Level of Equipment (Least to Greatest)
  2. El Tree Seeds
  3. El Tree Fruits

Pet Commands

In addition to your pet's Skills and Energies, another system has been added to allow more interaction between with you and your pet.

You can also talk with your pet, to have a fun time with him/her, and the pet will interact or respond to you based on what you say.


Your pet's Affinity will also affect on how he/she will respond to you.

Here's a following list of commands you can type to your pet that he/she will respond on:

NA Version



























When raising a pet, you will also discover your pet's personality later on as time passes.
Your pet's personality is based off of how you treat it and it will affect on how it will respond to you when you talk to it.


General things to know about Pet Personality before we get started:

  1. There are two ways of "applying" personality changes after the required affinity has been reached: relogging or resummoning (as in, calling your pet back to its crystal, then summoning it again). Both have very minimal practical differences.
  2. Pet personality changes 0.25 points at a time. Thus, you need to have it change at least 4 times to raise personality by 1 point.
  • If using the resummoning method, pet personality will change 0.2 points at a time for a pet in adult form; however, a 4% affinity difference is enough to induce such change. (Source)
  1. At 100% affinity, x axis personalities like Sensible and Impulsive are subject to change whereas y axis personalities like Sociable and Shy are not subject to change.
  2. Logging Out means clicking either Game Exit, Character Select or changing channels through Server Select. Changing Channels with the bar on the top right of the screen IS CONSIDERED “Logging Out”
  3. An affinity gap is required to change a pet’s personality – you must have at least 5% affinity difference from the affinity your pet was at last time you logged in to induce a change in personality (Adult form only).
  4. Feeding your pet with Fantastic QPL Jellies count towards affinity increase. However, first feed of the day that increases affinity by 2% DOES NOT count.
  5. Large affinity gap changes (e.g. 10% or 20% at a time) will not necessarily change personality proportionately.
  6. If affinity is decreased, it will never affect Shy and but it will always affect Sociable.
  7. Staying logged in at town with your pet summoned does not have any effect on pet personality, assuming you do not run any dungeons.
  8. This guide is written based on Adult forms. For teen and infant stages, an even larger change in affinity gap is required to affect their personality.
    • Crystal: minimum 48%.
    • Infant: minimum 21%.
    • Teen: minimum 10%.
  9. When you are changing pet personality from 100%~ high affinity and highly Sociable to Shy, don't log out. It is recommended that you have lots of stamina and Strange QPL jellies for lots of dungeon runs. (The strategy is to run multiple dungeons, starving your pet until 70% affinity, then to relog. But to minimize personality loss, you shouldn't relogin midway into the process.)

When pet is turned Sociable(+),

  1. When attacking, 300 Pet MP is consumed
  2. Starts cheering when the summoner's HP is 15% or less.

To turn Sociable(+): After first login, run dungeon once. When you log out, the affinity change has to be 4% or less (Excluding the first food of the day, and when you are at affinity 100%)

When pet is turned Shy(-)

  1. While attacking, 250 Pet MP is consumed
  2. Starts cheering when the summoner's HP is 30% or less.

To turn Shy(-): After first login, run one or more dungeons. When you log out, your affinity change has to be at least 5%.

If you want to change to Shy fast, it's a good idea to relog after you have achieved a desired affinity change.

NOTE: If you reach 100% affinity while you are in Shy personality, Sociable/Shy (y axis) personalities won't change.


When turned Impulsive(+)

  1. Reacts to even minor damage was done to or was dealt by the summoner with an attack.
  2. Unlike Sensible pets, even when mp for attacking has been built up, they will prefer song emoticons (wastes MP) to attacks
  3. Starts cheering only after major damage was done to or dealt by the summoner.

To turn Impulsive(+): Don't feed elite or higher equips, seeds, fruits or QPL jellies. Feed rare or normal equipments.

When turned Sensible(-)

  1. Attacks when major damage was done to or was dealt by the summoner
  2. Unlike Impulsive pets, they use fewer song emoticons and will activate attacks quickly.
  3. Starts cheering faster, and when minor damage was done to or dealt by the summoner.

To turn Sensible(-) : Unlike Impulsive, feed equipments higher than rare, QPL jellies, seeds and fruits. (Equipments and QPL jellies only count for pets with 70% affinity or below. After that you have to feed Seeds and Fruits only.)

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