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DevilTiny.png Little Devil (小魔)
Name Ara Haan
Class DevilTiny.png Little Devil (小魔)
Weapon Trường thương và quả cầu bóng tối
Age 19
Class Tree Ara > Little Devil (小魔- Tiểu Yêu) > Yama Raja (冥王- Minh Vương)
Release Date Korean Flag.png 13 August 2013
Chinese Flag.png 15 January 2014
Flag-us.png January 28th, 2014
Europeanunion.png 5 February 2014
Bresil Flag.png 27 August 2014
Little Devil
Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Magical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Magical
I don't want revenge, but I want power that can defeat anything, power to save my brother.

Little Devil (小魔)

Đặc trưng

As her job name implies, a Little Devil uses powers from the demon realm, allowing her to materialize spirit energy weapons like spears and wolf spirits. This also allows her to be able to use a new secret art: Secret Wolf Fang Art: Killing Spears. Ara also becomes more adept into using spirit orbs that she is now capable of using her demonic powers to convert them into 'Energy Bullets' for combat.

Cốt truyện

Filled with despair at the loss of her clan and her defeat, Ara keeps these feelings hidden deep within her as she continues her journey to find her brother Aren. On the way, she meets and befriends Luichel, who hears of Ara's story and sees her hidden sorrow. Luichel asks Ara,

"Do you want power for revenge?"

"I don't want revenge, but I want power that can defeat anything, power to save my brother," replies Ara.

Seeing her conviction, Luichel gives Ara a black book of magic (魔書) from an old treasure hunter taken from the Eastern continent long ago. The book reveals that she can wield demonic, destructive power that resides within her body, at the expense of her power from the Haan clan.

"These demons, I'll condemn them with my own hand! I'll rule the power of demons if that's what it takes to achieve victory! Brother...I will...definitely...!

Her determination having changed, she uses her power without hesitation in such a way that people would call her Little Devil.

Chuyển chức lần 1

Sau khi hoàn thành chuỗi nhiệm vụ của Little Xia , Ara có thể lựa chọn trở thành Little Hsien, Little Devil hay Little Specter.
Ara cũng có thể thăng chức nhanh thành Little Devil bằng cách mua: Little Devil's SealLDJob.png trong Item Mall.

Little Devil

  1. Nói chuyện với Luichel.
  2. Hoàn thành 2-3 với độ khó Hard hoặc Very Hard 2 lần.
  3. Hoàn thành 2-4 với độ khó Very Hard 2 lần.
  4. Hoàn thành 2-5 cới độ khó Very Hard 3 lần.

Sau Lv35, Little Devil có thể thăng chức thành Yama Raja.

Hệ thống kỹ năng

Skills Passives Locked
Blank.png WolfClaw.png HellofTornado.png YRPassive2.png Blank.png Level 15
WolfSpear2.png Blank.png WaveEnergy.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 25
Blank.png StealSoul.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png HPSteal.png
Level 30
Blank.png SpearPrison.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 35
Blank.png EnergySuppress.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 40
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Các combo khác

Hình ảnh Mô tả Sát thương
LD Combo1.png Nhào Lộn

Ara dùng thương tấn công đối thủ 2 lần sau đó đập thương xuống đất nhảy ngược về sau đồng thời tung ra 3 quả cầu bóng tối tấn công phía trước mặt.

  • Quả cầu bóng tối có thể trượt đi trên mặt phẳng ở một số map.

Z.png 100% Sát thương vật lý
Z.png 125% Sát thương vật lý
X.png 150% Sát thương vật lý
X.png 200% Sát thương phép thuật (x3)

LD Combo2.png Quả cầu bóng tối

Ara sẽ tung ra các quả cầu bóng tối tại cuối combo zzz

  • 8/22/2013 KR
    • Ara sẽ lùi lại ít hơn khí tung ra các quả cầu , đồng thời các quả cầu sẽ bắn ra nhanh hơn , cải thiện khả năng combo.

Z.png 100% Sát thương vật lý
Z.png 125% Sát thương vật lý
Z.png 75% Sát thương vật lý (x2)
Z.png 200% Sát thương phép thuật

LD Combo3.png Vừa bay vừa bắn

Sau khi lướt trên không trung Ara lộn vòng rồi bắn ra 4 quả cầu bóng tối

  • Quả cầu bóng tối có thể trượt đi trên mặt phẳng ở một số map.

Z.png 100%Sát thương vật lý
X.png 200% Sát thương phép thuật
X.png 200% Sát thương phép thuật (x3)


Secret Art

Secret Wolf Arts:
Killing Howl

Special Active

StealSoul.png Rakshasa Stance 1:
Soul Reaping

WolfSpear2.png Wolf Stance 4:
Wolf Fang

HellofTornado.png Infernal Circle
SpearPrison.png Rakshasa Stance 3:
Spear Prison

WaveEnergy.png Energy Wave lock.gif


MPSteal.png Mana Swap
HPSteal.png Life Swap lock.gif
WolfClaw.png Wolf Stance 3:
Wolf Claw

Reflect.png Repel


RPassive4.png Basic Magical Offense Training
SelfProtectionFortitude.png Energy Enhancement






  • When doing job advancing in the Korean server, the job quest shows that Little Devil's Korean to Chinese name is 小魔.
    • 小魔 is pronounced as "Xiao Mo" and means "Little Demon".
  • Unlike the Little Hsien/Sakra Devanam path which relies a lot on her own martial arts skill, Little Devil/Yama Raja uses an alternative set of martial arts which go against the Haan-Family ways.
  • Both Little Devil and Yama Raja's designs share butterfly motifs, as seen within their job change items and promo avatar. Butterflies are associated with souls in Japanese folklore, and are seen as both good and bad omens in various cultures around the world.
    • The butterflies may also represent Ara going a different path, as butterflies also symbolize change, transformation, and rebirth.
    • Butterfly motifs which are seen on Little Devil's promo set:
      • Her belt ends with a butterfly, the large round crest dangling on her side connects with the fur through a butterfly, her boots have butterflies on them, the belts on her boots end in butterflies. Her Eun hairpin's fox has butterfly wings too.
    • Although Ara uses dark powers as both Little Devil and Little Specter, the source of their powers is different, which results in their abilities manifesting differently. Little Devil utilizes the dark power she had within her body to begin with, while Little Specter obtains her demonic power by working together with Eun and borrowing her strength.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 소마 (Soma) Little Demon
Korean Flag.pngChinese Flag.png South Korea (literal Chinese name) 小魔 (Xiǎo mó) Little Demon
Japanese Flag.png Japan 小魔 (Shoma) Little Demon
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 小魔 (Xiǎo mó) Little Demon
German Flag.png Germany Kleiner Teufel Little Devil
Spanish Flag.png Spain Pequeña diablesa Little Devil
French Flag.png France Diablotin Imp
Italian Flag.png Italy Piccola Diavolessa Little Devil
Polish Flag.png Poland Mała Lilith Little Lilith
Thailand Flag.png Thailand จอมมารน้อย Little Devil
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Mahra Aprendiz Apprentice Mahra