ELSTAR Special Stage

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ELSTAR Special Stage →Wherever you were before entering ELSTAR Special Stage


Harmony Festival. When the El Energy is Cycled and All Beings are at Rest.
ELSTAR Special Stage.png
ELSTAR Special Stage
ELSTAR Special Stage Map.png
ELSTAR Special Stage - li_stage_event021
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  • The big screen monitor shows feed of the Bonfire Site, the resting field from the previous Harmony Festival.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 엘스타 특설 무대 ELSTAR Special Stage
Spanish Flag.png Spain Escenario especial de elestrellas Elstar Special Stage
French Flag.png France Scène spéciale Elstar Elstar Special Stage
Italian Flag.png Italy Palco Speciale ElStar ElStar Special Stage
English Flag.png United Kingdom Special Elstar Stage
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