Backalley of Lanox

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Backalley of Lanox

Backalley of Lanox. A burning village and a Demon Lord who lost all of her power. Fate brings a lowly assassin and a Demon Lord together.
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Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
7-6-8.jpg Incubus: Ikus - Ikus will use his claws and Incubus magic to deal damage.
  • Dark Slash: Ikus performs a short two slash combo with his hands.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
TutorialBox.png Stack of Boxes - A stack of wooden boxes blocking the way of the back alleys.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Karis.jpg Karis - The succubus demon hunting down Lu and the one who fatally wounded Ciel.
  • Shadow Burst: Float up and release a shockwave of dark energy.


  • Can only be defeated once the player has awakened.


  • Ciel: ...I can hear someone yelling... The voice ringing in my ear is a familiar sound... The burning in my chest has cooled and my voice won't come out... Is this how things are to end? With a bitter laugh, I fall into darkness. When I was young, I ran the backstreets after losing my family to thieves. My twisted desire to live... It led me to rule the underworld... Then one day, a surge of powerful magic shook the town. A girl appeared from the dimensional crack caused by the powerful magic. The girl who was badly hurt had the distinctive features of the demons, pointy ears and horns. A few days later treating her wounds, she finally awoke. Aside from her name 'Lu', she had lost her memories. Was it purely sympathy? Or was it my fondness for her cute appearance? Even though she was a demon, I was carried away by her flawless appearance... On the premise that she would stay till she got her memories back, I spent my time with her... Being with her made me long for the days from the past... and little by little, I found myself becoming attached to her. However, peaceful days did not last very long. That night, the demon assassins launched a surprise attack and for some reason were after the girl. Using all my power, I tried to shake of the pursuit. I proved to be difficult to even defend myself against them, especially since they were as strong as high ranked demons. The fierce battle ranged on... And within a moment it all happened... The flash of light that was meant for the girl, pierced through my heart as I moved in to block it. That is how I welcomed death. This place... Am I dead...? I was sure at that moment...
  • Lu: No, not yet. However, soon you will...
  • Ciel: Huh...?
  • Lu: I have halted the flow of time. However this is only temporary. If we don't act quickly your life will end... I finally remember everything. My name is 'Luciela R Sourcream'! I was one of the demon world's well known monarchs... Well, at this point, I'm no longer anything... hu hu hu. I will ask you directly. Won't you become one with me? Though you will no longer be able to desire a life as a human, however I can give you life sharing my soul as my family.
  • Ciel: What...?
  • Lu: It will be difficult to understand right now... However, this is the only choice we have. I have already lost everything. Status, honor, power... everything... You are all I have left.
  • Ciel: When the girl placed her hand on my body, unfamiliar memories started seeping into my head.
  • Lu: I was one of the monarchs that supported the demon world. Power and authority, there was an internal understanding that had been maintained between the monarchs who possessed territory... The vacant throne of the demon king started the war. In a moment of carelessness, I lost everything when I was betrayed by my most trusted aid. The magic power I boasted was sealed and my abilities, my territories were taken from me and I fell into despair. I was disappointed in my arrogant self who had only trusted in my own power and so vexed at the betrayal I had experienced. I spent so many sleepless nights pierced by cold chains, with only thought of regret and hatred. So much time had passed that I could no longer remember my own name. Was in consolation for all my misfortunes... With my last remaining magic power, I broke out of the chains and escaped. I who had fallen into the depths of misery, have nothing left for me. However... However I no longer want to lose things that are precious to me...! So... So I ask you to become mine...! If I lose you, I will...! Ah...?
  • Ciel: Putting aside that I will become your property... Though I do like small and cute things, I dislike the tears of a girl. Though I don't understand everything... If I leave you alone, I'm sure you will continue to cry. Well, I guess there's nothing more to do.
  • Lu: Then...?
  • Ciel: Since you are saving my life, there is nothing more than for me to follow you.
  • Lu: Hu, hu hu hu... Hm...? Hu hu hu hu! Great! You have chosen a great master!
  • Ciel: W... What do you mean master...
  • Lu: Don't you like it? Hu hu hu, the contract is complete! Starting from now, your soul is mine and my soul is yours. Until the end of our destiny...
  • Ciel: That's right... Until the end of our destiny.


tutorial_new_luciel (CN Only)

tutorial_new_lena (Unavailable in CN)


  • Despite a unique tutorial field theme for Lu/Ciel being present in the game's files, tutorial_new_luciel, it is not used.
    • Instead this dungeon uses tutorial_new_lena which is listed and is used as Rena's tutorial field theme.
    • The CN server however appears to use tutorial_new_luciel.
Date Changes
07/09/2015 12/02/2015
  • Backalley of Lanox added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 라녹스 뒷골목 Lanox Backstreet
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 拉诺斯后巷 Backalley of Lanox
German Flag.png Germany Gassen von Ranox Alleys of Ranox
Spanish Flag.png Spain Callejuelas de Ranox Backstreets of Ranox
French Flag.png France Rues de Ranox Streets of Ranox
Italian Flag.png Italy Viuzze di Ranox Streets of Ranox
Polish Flag.png Poland Uliczki Ranox Streets of Ranox
English Flag.png United Kingdom Ranox Backstreets

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