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Stamina Potion

Each day, every character starts out with stamina at 100%. You will no longer be able to run dungeons once your stamina has reached 0%. Stamina usage depends on the number of enemies you kill in any dungeon (or field). To reduce stamina usage, join parties, as stamina usage decreases based on the amount of people in the party.

In some events, you may obtain Stamina Potions, which refill your stamina by 30%. You can also obtain Stamina Potions by exchanging Heroes' Coins to Ariel and by opening Raid Boss Cubes and Field Boss Cubes.

Stamina Reset Times

The following chart will list the times where Stamina will be reset back to 100%.

Server Server Time
South Korea 06:00 KST (UTC +9)
Japan 10:00 JST (UTC +9)
Taiwan 10:00 TST (UTC +8)
Hong Kong 10:00 HKT (UTC +8)
China 10:00 CST (UTC +8)
North America 00:00 PDT (UTC -7)
Europe 08:00 WEST (UTC +1)
09:00 CEST (UTC +2)


In some events, the game will give players unlimited stamina, which would allow them to play without any change to their stamina. Some events may also reduce the rate of how much stamina is consumed by the player.

Unlimited Stamina Weekends

This is a feature exclusive to the North American server. Every weekend, between 00:00 Saturday to 23:59 Sunday at server time, players can play in dungeons and fields without having their stamina drop at all. This feature originally started on January 14, 2012 as an event to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. After 2012, this feature returned after Elsword was greenlit by Steam.

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